Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Pacis, Running, and Twenties, Oh My!

I have some blog posts in the works, but none of them are complete, so here is a nice random (read: obnoxious) post about random things. Woot!

-We took Naomi's paci away last week. I firstly attempted to use reason with her, which would be to explain why we were doing it (babies use pacis! Not big girls!) but I quickly realized she'd rather just be a baby if that were the case. So, I just took it away. She fussed a few times before naps and one time before bed (she only had it during sleepy times) and then she was fine. Note: I am always more terrified of transitions than my children are.

-Am I allowed to end a sentence with "are"?

-I am trying new makeup called "Too Faced" from Sephora and I LOVE IT. Seeing how I am in my last year before turning 30, it's time to step up my makeup game. Meaning, I should maybe learn how to use it. So I did and you will see a post about that coming soon. I know you are giddy with anticipation. Ha ha.

-Speaking of turning 30, I turned 29 last Sunday. This prompted me to start a little bucket list for myself before I turn 30. Oddly enough, the prospect of turning 30 does not intimidate me. I'm kind of excited about it, actually. But, it might be fun to maximize this last year in my twenties.

-Because, really, my twenties have been busy. In my twenties, I ...

-got engaged
-graduated college
-got married
-traveled to some fun places
-worked for three years
-had a baby
-had another baby
-sold our house and bought another one
- and had yet another baby

Major moments, kind of in a nutshell. In this last year of my twenties, I would also like to:

-Run a half-marathon

That's the only thing on my list right now. It's kind of a huge thing, though, because I'm not a runner. But I'm going to try. I have an awesome support system, who I am trying to persuade to push me through the finish line in a wheelbarrow. So far, they are not convinced. :)

-My Little Big (Naomi) turns two next month. TWO. I am in denial.

-My Big Big (Cub) has screening for school next month. SCREENING. I'm in denial.

-My Little Little (Lydia) is starting to roll over. ROLL OVER. I'm in denial.

Lots of denial over here, folks! :)

That's all I've got. Hooray for lame mid-week posts! :)

Have a lovely Hump Day.


  1. So agree on the turning 30 thing. Thinking about all of the life transitions that took place in my 20's makes me need a NAP! ;)

  2. Happy belated birthday! I vaguely remember my 20s...vaguely. ;)

    Enjoy your last year as a 20 something!

  3. Happy belated birthday, Katie.. The 30s are great and a bucket list is a wonderful way to finish off the 20s.

    So I have a question - could you write a post about getting Naomi off the paci? (How did you decide it was time to go? Etc..)

    1. Thanks, Devi! And sure, I'll write a post!