Friday, May 4, 2012

Mom's Day Off.

This past weekend, I received one of the best birthday presents ever. 

A day off.

My parents came into town early Saturday morning, swooped up the kids, and sent me out the door to enjoy a full kid-free day to do whatever I wanted. If you've read my blog for a while or if you know me in person, you know I enjoy my kids and that my love for them really goes without saying. But, I can't think of a Mom who wouldn't love just one day with her best friend to do the girly things that can be tricky with three towheads, well, in tow! 

I hopped in my hubby's truck (I didn't even take the minivan!) and picked up my bestie. Our first stop? Starbucks, of course! 

Only this time, instead of going through the drive-thru with kids' music blaring over the speakers and little birdies in the back asking for a "bite? bite? BITE?", we actually parked and went inside.


And enjoyed a nice cup of coffee and some breakfast. With no time schedule. We just ... ate. And talked. At our leisure. Lee-sher. Leh-sher.

We then got back in the truck with our drinks and headed to the closest city to go to the mall. We walked in and I got the first things on my list (I know, OF COURSE I came to the mall with a list ... but it was for fun girly things, like Aveda liquid gel and melon lip gloss from The Body Shop). We then ventured to Forever 21, the loud-music insanely-packed-with-(CHEAP)-clothes store, and began to immediately grab piles of clothes and try them on. We spent a good amount of time in there, before we both hit our walls and decided it was time for some nourishment.

Hallelujah, Cheesecake Factory.

 Caramel chicken, Godiva cheesecake.

We felt much better after that.

Then, after pumping in the truck (let's be honest--with nursing babies, a Mom's Day Off can't be TRULY kid-free, ha ha!), we headed back to the mall to finish our girly list. We got threaded, and then got our makeup done at Sephora.

I have never in my life had my make-up done. It was great. 

We finished up a few last shopping stops (which, for me, meant just a tad more caffeine ...)

...before heading back to town for a quick spray-tan, and then home. 

It was glorious.

We had such a blast, doing all things girly, with just the two of us. I think it's safe to say we both felt rejuvenated at the end of it. Sometimes, in the midst of being a Mom and a Wife, it's nice to just spend a day as a Friend. 

(One of my purchases. It tapers. New thing for me.)

Have a lovely weekend, friends!


  1. That's it. You captured it all in one sentence: sometimes in the midst of being Mom and Wife, it's nice to just be Friend. Refreshing, so refreshing. :). Love you!!! And you dominated that truck, btw. ;)

  2. This sounds like a pretty perfect day! I might have to strategically leave this post open for Jonathan to find later... ;)

  3. Yay for a day off! It sounds divine. ;)