Thursday, August 18, 2011


I think it's appropriate to give you a bit of a history regarding my love affair with the Northeast. My Mom is from Vermont and her siblings and mother still live there. We first came to Vermont when I was four and we've visited every few years since then, so much so that this part of the country is very dear to me. Even though I was born in California and spent twelve years there, I would rather bring my husband and my kids to New England, because I have such a strong family identity there.

So, let's begin. Maine.

I do not remember the first time I came to Maine (a visit to Maine usually accompanied our visits to Vermont), but I do remember the first time we visited York, Maine. I was in high school and wore a faded green Boondogs shirt (my favorite garage band at the time). There is a picture of me, somewhere, stuffing lobster in my mouth while wearing that shirt. I fell in love with York in that short visit.

Since then, we've made it a point to come back, whenever we fly to New England. This year was no different. My parents and I flew into Boston, rented our car, hopped on the freeway, and headed straight to York. Our first stop? Fox's Lobster House. Our favorite.

The bibs are so catchy.

I ate all of my lobster, a bowl of clam chowder, more than a few bites of my Dad's haddock, and the homemade coleslaw. Needless to say, after a day of flying and a fair share of driving, the baby was NOT happy to see all of that richness slide into my tummy, and I promptly lost it when we got to our hotel room. But, was it worth it? Yes. Yes it was.

The next morning we drove to the seaport side of the town and ate breakfast at the place we always eat breakfast whilst in York: The Purple Palace. The fig waffles alone are worth the flight.

We ventured around downtown, picking up some classy souvenirs along the way (no, I did not buy this hat, although I do find it to be quite fetching, don't you?).

One of our favorite stops is Goldenrod Kisses, an old-fashioned candy store and diner. They make their own taffy and fudge, so we felt compelled to stock up. You know, support the local economy and such. Their sea pebbles, which are chocolate candies, are delicious. They also carry Stonewall Kitchen delicacies. Their pepper jelly is quite wonderful. Stonewall Kitchens is actually located in York, which makes me love York all the more, since I am a huge Stonewall fan here in Oklahoma. Do y'all ever do that cream cheese party hors d'oeuvre where you dump a jar of jelly/jam/etc. on a cube of cream cheese and eat it with crackers? Maybe? Anyway, Stonewall is my favorite brand of "fancy" jelly for my version of "poor man's caviar"!

Then, it was beach time.

(Aren't my parents cute?)

One of my favorite things about Maine is its wild beauty. And that wild beauty runs straight to the sea. Spending my childhood in SoCal where the desert meets the sea, it was always amazing to me to see fields of wildflowers brush right up against the beaches in Maine. Its untamed wilds are gorgeous, really.

We walked the beach and drank in that strong, salty smell of the Atlantic. With the sun on my face, I closed my eyes and imagined the day I will bring my kids here. I can see it--sandy swimsuits, fingers sticky from saltwater taffy. I can't wait.

With the parking meter running low, we loaded up the car, blew a kiss to our favorite vacation state, and started the three hour trek to Vermont.

Have a lovely day.


  1. You know I loved this post! I too came home with some Stonewall Kitchen treats, but I've never tried their pepper jelly! And I am super intrigued by the fig figs. love waffles. Might have to trek down to York next time!

  2. Take me. Please. I need to go.


    Can't wait to read about the rest of the trip and see the pics!

  3. omg omg omg! YORK IS MY FAVORITE PLACE ON EARTH! it's where I spent every single summer vacation for almost my whole life. On today's post there's actually a picture of me and my best friend in front of nubble light when i brought her there last year. This post made me smile! THANKS! e@

  4. Ahhh, the Nubble! How fun!! Yay for a fellow York fan!

  5. OK, don't make fun, but I've already looked up the York Harbor Inn for rates, and checked out the menu for Fox's Lobster House since reading this post. We were looking into Bar Harbor but I love how close York is from Boston- we could totally do both places! Any idea what the weather (and lobster) is like in late September?

  6. That's wonderful!! I've never stayed at the York Harbor Inn, but it sounds nice! We usually stay at the Union Bluff Hotel and negotiate rates on It's right on the water off of our favorite beach, Short Sands Beach (there are two beaches--Long Sands and Short Sands--Short Sands is next to the older part of town so we typically hang around there!). The weather will be chilly. :) It was chilly while we were there! It was around 65 degrees in the evening and 80 degrees during the day and it will be colder in September. I'm sure the lobster will be delicious then, too. :) How fun! Good luck!

  7. Great pictures! MY very best friend from college is from Brunswick and i've always wanted to go up there but she always came home with me since I was closer (than cali!). your pics make me wanna go!

  8. Ooo thanks for the other hotel suggestion- we're a year away (celebrating 4 years this year), so we've got time, but what can I say, I'm a planner haha!