Monday, August 22, 2011

New Hampshire.

While on the road to Vermont, we survived primarily on these:

I blame my Dunkin' Donuts obsession on my Mom. The must-have combo of an old-fashioned donut with a cup of joe, two creams two sugars ... it's all her fault. And I love her for it. Krispy Kremes? Pleh. Unfortunately, KK is all we have around here in OK and fortunately, I don't indulge.

Anyway. Where was I? Oh yes. The road.

We left Maine behind us and drove through the lovely birth state of my brother: New Hampshire. I hung out the window and took a picture of this as we sped by:

And this:

And then stopped taking pictures because holding the camera while in motion was making me car sick. The views were breathtaking and a stop for a hike would have been wonderful, but we were on a bit of a time schedule and had to hurry.

Well, except for one quick stop for lunch. Because man cannot live on Dunkin' Donuts alone, shocking as it is. We exited for Littleton and parked in front of this church:

After fishing around in our pockets for more change to feed the parking meter (why, WHY did we forget that all of New England is metered parking?), we locked up the rental and stretched our legs down the main street of downtown Littleton, New Hampshire.

What I noticed first were the gorgeous flowers bursting to life up and down the street. In dry Oklahoma, everything is dead, including our poor evergreen that Cub refers to as his "Christmas Tree". So the punches of color were actually quite shocking, and a very welcomed sight, too.

Downtown Littleton is wonderfully eclectic. Old buildings, new boutiques, and the personality of a small town make it very inviting. I like Littleton.

I took the following picture because a picture of the sign was the only thing I could afford. I didn't torture myself by actually stepping foot into the boutique.

This next sign was a little more up my ally, but, unfortunately, it was not Sunday when we were there. On the banks of the Ammonoosuc River? Sweet!

One of the wonderfully unique and purposeful things that I witnessed while in LNH was this splendid array of brightly decorated pianos lining Main Street, all bearing the same logo: Be Glad, Make Music. Any passerby could hop on a bench and start playing and we had the pleasure of viewing such a sight. It was awesome.

And, while the flowers were breathtaking and the pianos were inspiring, we really had one singular goal for stopping in Littleton:


There is nothing flashy or spectacular about this diner, except that it is delicious and it's been around forever. My parents used to frequent this place when they lived in St. Johnsbury (Vermont), since Littleton is just a hop skip and a jump away. I was happy that they took me to a place where they had history. And a place that served such a great burger.

I'd like to say I was lady-like and ate the universal female-approved half-portion, but I was not. I ate the entire burger and most of the onion rings. But, I drank water, so that should count for something right?


After dabbing our mouths with our napkins and thanking our waitress, we hit the pavement once again and headed back to the car. We climbed in, bid adieu to Littleton and its offerings, and journeyed the final small stretch of road to our ultimate destination: Vermont.

Have a lovely day.


  1. Loving all the pics! As for eating the whole burger, you were just introducing your newest little one to a piece of their history!

  2. loving all of your new england pics! I can't wait to go home again :) -e@

  3. Huh. Funny how my stash of smuggled DD's never quite made it to me after all....


    LOVE the flowers. And all the pianos. Again I say, take me with you.