Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Three Months.

Dear Naomi,

Today you are three months old.

Our precious delight. This month you awoke from your newborn slumber and, to me, you officially became an infant. With lots of smiles and coos, you have found your voice. You have slipped into our lives and joined the pace in which we live, and we can't imagine this journey without you in it. You have long feet and little toes and a small head (but a high forehead--this comes from your Mama and your Memere). Your hair is dark blonde and, for now, your eyes are a beautiful shade of deep blue, like your Dad's. Your features are still petite, but your little smiles light up your entire face, until your eyes are squinting and your dimples are beaming. Our sweet snuggle bug.

This month you discovered your hands and your feet. Whatever object falls victim to your clenches immediately ends up towards your mouth, and many a wayward burp cloth or dress ruffle have been bathed in your happy drool. You are learning to control your hands and your arms a bit better, but sometimes you still startle and your arms splay wide open. If you happen to be clinging to your dress when this happens, your dress ends up over your head. Such a little lady.

Your neck has become very strong, thanks to Tummy Time. You recently learned how to roll from your back to your belly, something I was not anticipating would happen for a few months, but you are already showing that you are Miss Independent, creating your own pace and rolling with it (literally!). However, you are still learning how to roll back to your back, which leaves you quite frustrated, until your Dadda or I (or your well-meaning brother) can flip you over. You awaken sometimes at night from a frustrated roll, and now when I put you to bed, I wedge a blanket under your side to keep you from rolling. Sometimes it is successful, sometimes it is not. That's okay, though. It just gives me another reason to peek over the edge of the crib and see my sweet little Mouse.

As I mentioned earlier, you live at your own pace. You have your own set eat/awake/sleep pattern that you have established. Truly. We will be laying on the floor, playing, with music on, your brother stomping or running in circles, and sound all around, and you will suddenly fall asleep. You're done. Time for a nap. So, we put you to bed where you take a nap until you are ready to eat. You still take a pacifier and you also babble yourself to sleep. You go to bed around 8:30 and we give you a dream feeding between 10:30 and 11:00. You sleep through the night now, so I let you wake up when you are ready, which is typically between 7:30 and 8:00. Your smiles are a fantastic way to start the day, Mouse.

Your coos now turn into all-out giggles, which typically result in a case of the hiccups. Most laughs do begin with sucking air, but sucking air is all you do, and hence the hiccups come. But your little giggle is precious. You love when I sing, "Skidamarink a Dinky Dink!" You recognize your Mama and Dadda and brother now and your smiles melt your grandparents. Being the first granddaughter is a very special title, little friend. You are in awe of your big brother, and your eyes follow him around the room. He likes to pat your head, play with your pacifier, and he wants me to put him in the crib with you after your naps. His stuffed animals give you kisses and he calls you "Baby Sister" and "Nomi". Whenever you nap, he declares, "Nomi's sleeping!" and when you cry, he says, "Nomi needs her paci!" But, his absolute favorite thing in the whole world is to take you on walks in his wagon. Every day I hear, "Take Nomi in the wagon!" at least eleventy billion times, and I hear "Take Nomi in the wagon, PLEASE!" at least five billion times. It is precious. I love that your brother has found a way to interact with you in which he feels comfortable. He wants to play.

The Cub and the Mouse.

You rode in our single stroller for the first time this month (you usually share the double with brother) when we went to the aquarium with Memere. It was your nap time, but you stayed awake during the entire trip, taking in the fish all around you. Since you are still a little bobbly and can't sit up, we wrapped a blanket your G-Ma made for you all around you, so you would be nice and snug. You were quite a content little Mouse.

Your stomach is getting stronger. I avoid whole soy at all times, but we've tried a little dairy a few times and your reactions are not as severe. We're not quite there yet, though. You eat six times a day, plus a dream feeding. Even though you fall asleep fine on your own, I still hold you for naps sometimes and I relish in your sweet snuggles. When I hold you, you wrap one arm around my shoulder and the other arm wraps around my neck, while your fingers hold my hair. I love our snuggle times.

We love you, sweet Naomi. You are growing and changing right before our eyes and we can't get enough of you. You are truly a miracle, a gift from God, fearfully and wonderfully made, with every detail created lovingly and purposefully. We know He has great plans for you, and we are thrilled to be along for the ride.

Keep smiling, baby girl.



  1. I just realized that if all goes as planned today, Eli and Naomi will be exactly three months apart! How cool! Happy three months to your baby girl. Time flies. Love the one of Caleb with her in the crib. And that last photo? Adorable. Can't wait for the little "cousins" to meet. :)

  2. What a love, she has such a sweet sweet smile! Happy 3 months Naomi!

  3. She is so alert and full of smiles! Can NOT believe it's been three months. She is a doll baby!

  4. She's so adorable! Love that wagon shot!