Monday, September 13, 2010


A big thank-you to my readers who posted questions. Also a big thank-you for not asking anything embarrassing, like when was the last time I flossed.

If you think of more questions, feel free to toss them my way. Until then, enjoy!

1) When did you know that your husband was "the one'?

I know the moment: Sitting in a small cafe in the town where we went to college, eating a bowl of tomato basil soup. Our eyes locked, and I just knew. It was a very calm, normal feeling. No bells, no whistles, just ... peace, maybe? It just felt right. Like, "Oh! Hi! So, you're it! Awesome!"

Of course, that was only the initial knowing. That moment in the cafe was eight years ago, before we were ever engaged or married. Since that time, life has continued to show me why he is the one. He held me when I miscarried, held me when my Dad was diagnosed with cancer, and he held our babies only moments after their births, crying and beaming over each one. It didn't take bells and whistles to know he was the one for me eight years ago, and it still doesn't. He shows me every day without knowing it.

2) Do you see any more Baskins babies in your future?

NO. :)

The way I see it, Cub made us a family and Naomi completed that family. But, if we "accidentally" have more, it would be God's way of showing us it gets even better. However ... as far as we're concerned, we're done! I come from a family of two and so does my husband, so we're comfortable with that.

3) Can you do a retro post and put up the one about when your dad took you out bowling before your wedding? Pretty please? With sunshine on top?

Okay DeMo. Because you added sunshine on top, I went back to my now-private old blog and searched through roughly a bazillion entries to find this one. Because I should just categorize my entries to keep them organized. BUT I DON'T. :) It was so good to read through those old entries though, revisiting my Dad's battle (and remission victory) with cancer. It makes this night, and our moments now, all the more poignant. And sweet.

Here you go.

(I wrote this post after meeting with a bride who's wedding I was going to help coordinate.)

Naturally, my mind went back to the night before my own wedding. My parents' house was packed with family from near and far, both my Mom's side and my Dad's side, and everyone got along beautifully, anticipating the excitement of the event. We all sat around in our jammies, drinking coffee and sharing stories. It was getting late and my Dad asked me if I'd like to go get an ice cream cone with him. My eyes got teary with the sweet request and I, of course, obliged. We loaded up (in our pj's) and headed to town to go through the drive-thru at McDonald's (the only place still open). To my surprise, we drove past the McDonald's and pulled into the parking lot of the bowling alley next door. My mouth dropped open.

My Dad and I bowled together every Tuesday of my senior year of college. It was our little tradition and its importance stems from the reality that we weren't very close as I was growing up. He felt his job was to provide for the family and that it was Mom's job to raise us and as we grew older, he realized his involvement was important at every stage of my life. Hence, Tuesday bowling night. We'd eat dinner at a local sub shop and then hit the lanes. I have such sweet memories from that time.

So, here we were, parked in that same bowling alley parking lot, with the Closed sign hung in the window. We got out and Dad tapped on the door. The owner, who knew us from our frequent visits, opened the door and in the vast darkness of the alley there was one lane lit. I turned to my Dad with tears in my eyes and the owner flipped on the strobe lights and told us to play as many games as we'd like. We only played one, our last game where we shared a last name, with lots of tears and lots of laughs. I was overwhelmed with Dad's poignant gift.

So I told the bride to enjoy her last night before her wedding. No matter the event, no matter the location, no matter the activity--there is simply nothing like that last night.

4) What is your middle name, and why, if any reason, did you name your kids what you did? (Any family or specific meanings?)

Kim. My middle name is Kim. My middle name is Kim because that is my father's name and he chose it for me after I was born. Katie Kim. Kathryn Kim, to be exact. I joke with him that he chose it so I would always carry his name, even after I was married. Clever dad!

Our children's names do have specific meanings. I wanted to use biblical names because I am sentimental that way. Caleb correlates with my husband's name in the Bible (you'll just have to figure that one out!), which is why my husband chose it. Caleb shares his Dad's middle name, which is Scott. I love the name Naomi and part of the reason we chose that name is because of the special relationship I share with my mother-in-law. I like to think that she is my Naomi and I am her Ruth. Naomi has a shortened version of my name as her middle name: Kate. Hence, Caleb Scott and Naomi Kate.

There you go, friends! Have a lovely day!


  1. Uhhh...sorry the font is so huge on that last question. I guess I REALLY wanted you to know the reason behind our kids' names. Ha ha. :)

  2. That bowling story just gets me...I had totally forgotten about that post, but it is such a sweet one!

  3. Oh, I missed the submission of questions. But I love the ones everyone was asking. Love to read the answers.

    I am curious of Naomi's stats. Eli was born on 6/17 so they are close in age. He is 26 1/2" long and 16 lbs. I guess he will be a b-ball player like daddy! haha.

  4. Aww thanks for posting the bowling story! I cry every time I read it, and it was really great to read it again. I'm sending some sunshine your way. :)