Saturday, September 11, 2010

What Is Your Favorite Color?


Do any of you have any questions?

I mean, I'm not that interesting. I don't have much to offer, really, besides a story or two about baby spit-up or the complexities involved in attempting to bathe a 3 month old and a 23 month kind of at the same time. Babies? They're slippery.

My friend over at Superfluities just did a free-for-all Q&A session and I figured I'd jump on the train myself. I did this when Cub was a few months old, so it's been a while. You can ask me anything. Marriage? Parenting? Favorite color? I'll answer as honestly as I can, within the parameters of decency as this is, obviously, the Internet.


Any questions?

(If not, I'll quote poetry or something.)


  1. When did you know that your husband was "the one"?

  2. Do you see any more Baskins babies in your future?

  3. Oh goody. Your answers are so fun! Can you do a retro post and put up the one about when your dad took you out bowling before your wedding? Pretty please? With sunshine on top?

  4. What is your middle name, and why, if any reason, did you name your kids what you did? (Any family or specific meanings?)

    FYI. You. Are. Awesome.

    -Katie :)