Thursday, September 16, 2010

Footy Vignettes.

-On Tuesday I stashed a thermos of almond milk in my purse and lamely and desperately asked the nice cashier at our local Starbucks in Target if she could make a drink with almond milk if, say, a customer happened to supply said milk (I did not disclose that I had some handy, right there, right there in my purse). She said it was against health code (yes, of course, DUH KATIE) and we walked away with just a Horizon milk (Gar-get Juice!) for Cub. I actually had tears in my eyes, which is not so much sad as it is pathetic. Puuuuumpkin Spicccceee Latteeeeeeeee. On the first weekend of October, we are heading to Dallas with some friends, which means I will have to pump and toss the milk, which means I get to have dairy for maybe a whole day. This means I will be leaving town with a latte in one hand and a cream cheese muffin in the other.

-I forgot about the almond milk and found it a few hours later, still stashed in my purse. In the words of Cub: "Bummer".

-Cub came rushing into my room this morning and declared, "Cay-bub made a mess!" I asked him to show me, and he led me to our new fish tank, where fish food pellets were scattered along the tile, hiding in the grout. I reminded him that the fish tank cupboards, where he found the fish food, were off-limits and asked him to please go sit on his bed. While I cleaned up the mess, I realized that he actually came to me and confessed to what he did before I ever saw it. Hmmm. Now there's a little conundrum. Punish bad behavior that was admitted truthfully? Eh? So, as Cub wandered out of his room a few minutes later, I told him how much I appreciated him telling me the truth. And that the truth meant telling Mama what he did. I'm not entirely sure I handled that one correctly..? Ah, new toddler territory!

-Most of my day is a bit of a dance, vacillating between two little ones who require different things quite often at the same time. Nomi needs a diaper change, Cub needs a snack. Cub needs a nap, Nomi needs to eat. Nomi's bored in her bouncer, Cub wants to play cars. Cub spills fish food, Nomi wakes up. Today I actually changed Naomi's diaper, put her in her bouncer, piled Cub's laundry in my arms and put it away in his closet, then came back out and picked Naomi up to change her diaper. Only to realize I had just changed it two minutes ago. My husband actually said last night, "I don't know how you do it." I do! Decaf coffee. That I pretend is caffeinated. Also: Surrender to the chaos. Accepting it helps. And grasping at every minute as it flies by. I will never get those crazy, fun, insane minutes back.

-This evening I walked towards the doors at church for worship practice. Moments later I realized I had been standing in front of the doors for a few seconds, waiting for them to automatically open. I am not lying when I say that part of my brain is now missing.

Have a lovely day!


  1. I have tried this recipe for a Pumpkin Spice Latte and it tastes seriously VERY close. I'm not sure how almond milk would do, but maybe it would work. (Oh, and I just whisk it. Why bring a blender in if you don't need it?)

  2. Katie, I am so sorry that your Starbucks was not willing to help you out! I am certified in food safety and am my district lead for making sure we all pass health department/qasa and I know for certain that it is not a health code violation for you to bring in your own milk. The violation would be if it was stored at the store or if they used the wrong pitcher in preparation. I have a regular who is allergic to the vanilla soy that we use and she brings in plain soy for her beverages and it is not a problem. I would talk to the store manager, they should be willing to do this for a regular customer! Or, you could just come to Nashville and let me cater to you! :)

  3. 14 more days........! Then...all the Starbucks, Mexican food and frozen yogurt your little tummy desires!! ;)