Saturday, July 17, 2010

Mighty Summer List Number Twelve.

Throw a shower for my sweet cousin on the seventeenth of July.

We're going through the list pretty quickly! So fun. I was so thrilled to do this shower for Ashlee. She is my husband's cousin and I love her. She and her husband are expecting their first baby, Eli, in the fall, and I am giddy with joy for them. She will be a great Mom.

The power of delegation is what helped this shower roll smoothly. When we planned it back in April, I knew I would have a one month old baby on my hands, so we divvied up the responsibilities. I did the invitations and the decorations and delegated the food and lots of help to family members and friends. My wonderful mother-in-law let us use her home. It was so fun.

The Little Mouse made an appearance, too. I'm so glad I pumped a bottle. I was busy and there were plenty of family members ready to pounce and take care of her for me!

Rather than order a cake, we chose to order cupcakes. The cupcakes came from a local cupcake boutique called Kupcakz and were amazing. We had four varieties: Red Velvet, Coconut, Chocolate, and Dirty Blonde, my personal favorite! YUM.

I went with a modern mom theme and found super cute decorations here!

And, true to form, Ashlee gave each of the hostesses thank-you gifts. Mine was a beach bag stuffed with adorable stationary, folders, and notebooks. Love it!

The picture that I have of Ashlee and myself is blurry, so I have to pass. Sorry! I took one with my phone and we'll see if I can upload that one. All in all, the shower was a big success and was a lot of fun. Congrats, Ashlee!

(Here is the blurry uploaded pic :))!

Have a lovely day!


  1. Great theme and decor. Love that you used Kupcakezzzzz!! Good job, friend! I'm sure her day was so special.

  2. Absolutely stunning!! Thanks for sharing and you look great, Katie!!

  3. Love those little shoes! Food was great, cupcakes were delicious, games were fun (love that tray full of goodies), Naomi looked adorable, (glad I got to see that cute Caleb, along with Uncle Randy, at the end, too :) house looked amazing, and so did you. I cannot say enough how much I loved yesterday. THANK YOU! It was wonderful. You are awesome.

  4. Adorable and delicious. I can't wait to have one of those someday..hopefully with wonderful hostesses like yourself.