Friday, July 16, 2010

One Month Letter.

Dear Naomi,

Today you are one month old.

I KNOW, girl. That realization startled me, too.

I'm going to have to throw in that old cliche and admit that Yes, time is absolutely flying by. One month? Really? When did that happen? You were such a natural and seamless addition to our family that it feels like you've been with us forever. And yet, one month is so young but sounds so old.

But you are still very little.

Our nickname for you is Little Mouse, thanks to your petite features. Little nose, little mouth. Little Mouse. You are a snuggle of love. You are getting lots of attention from various family members who love you immensely, and everyone is taken with your sweetness. You really are quite a good baby. You've slept in your crib from day one and, while your sleeping definitely gave us a run for our money during those first few weeks, you've given us some longer stretches as time goes by. You even did seven hours one night. SEVEN. Right on the heels of a night where you gave me only two. Bless you, darling. You are, in fact, a tumultuous little lady.

You are, in fact, a girl. :)

And, while we're working at getting your sleep somewhat under control, I'm not going to lie--we love the extra snuggle time we get in between. Your Dadda is taken with you, sweetheart, and I adore our little girl. I can't help but get teary-eyed when I think of how quickly this is all going to pass. I know how quickly it passes. I'm trying to soak up every minute.

You are precious, Little Mouse.

We are excited for the days that lie ahead. We love you.



  1. Happy 1 month! That little birdie clip is adorable.

  2. Katie she is just precious! Happy one month little N! I am loving all your cute headbands!

  3. The time really does pass too quickly. Enjoy.

  4. Sweet girl. It can NOT be a month already!!! Geez. (Loving the bird clip!!! Must resist urge to purchase....... Nope. Can't. Where's it from?!?)


  5. I know I haven't met you yet in person, but I love you so very much already Little N. I CANNOT wait to hold and kiss you in October, time can't pass quickly enough. Try and give your Mommy and Daddy a little rest and take care of Big Brother too. Love you Kate.