Monday, July 19, 2010

Mighty Summer List Numbers Six and Eleven.

Take an overnight trip to the lake with my family.

Go on the boat at the lake with both children.

This past week some of my husband's extended family came to the lake from out of town. We all stayed over the weekend and then the kids and I went back later in the week after my husband had to come back for work. I feel like we've done a lot of traveling lately--probably because we have! It has been good for me because I'm becoming more and more confident toting around both kids. It's challenging getting everything packed and my poor car looked like it belonged on an episode of Hoarders after all was said and done, but it was totally worth it.

While I'm glad to have accomplished these two items on my list, I can't say that I loved going on the boat with both kids. Cub is fine and loves driving the boat with his Papa, but Naomi made me nervous. We had her in her car seat and only drove a short distance, but it made me nervous that she couldn't wear a life jacket (I seriously considered attaching buoys to her car seat). Plus, the heat. Oh, the HEAT. I don't know about y'all and where you live, but here in Oklahoma, the heat is soaring and stifling and suffocating. I hated having Naomi in her car seat in that heat. As soon as we came back to the lake house, we both laid down in our dark cold bedroom with a fan blowing and crashed. I have never been more thankful for air conditioning than I am this summer.

Other than the boat fiasco, Naomi had a blast.

It's a rough life at the lake, I tell you.

And then there's Cub. Oh, delicious, sweet Cub. He LOVES the lake. There are ponds next to the lake house and he loves to collect rocks and throw them in the water. Seriously. He could do that all day long and be perfectly content. "Rocks in the water!" His favorite thing. Ever.

Sweet boy.

Eight items down, twelve to go. We're flying through this summer!

Have a lovely day.


  1. Those photos are amazing. Framers.

  2. Those kiddos are going to make some great memories at the lake with you guys. Love them.

  3. They are just too cute!!! Often times I can't comment at work but today I can so I had to come back and comment on how cute they are!