Friday, June 11, 2010


So, this should really be my Feel Good Friday post, but we'll go with this one instead.

I went to the doctor today (Thursday) for my appointment and once in the exam room, I joked with him that I'd slip him twenty bucks if he'd induce me. He and his nurse got a kick out of it.

Then we proceeded with the appointment (read: checking. FUN!).

And his eyes got huge and he declared, "How have you NOT had this baby yet??"


He said he was genuinely surprised that she hadn't come yet, given my progress. He checked my chart, sat down, and we started to talk about induction. I was, of course, joking at the start of our appointment, but we began to talk like it was actually a viable option. We went over the timeline and discussed the variables that play into the end of this pregnancy. Firstly, I tested positive for Group B Strep. Basically, this is a naturally occurring bacteria that is typically safe and fine, except in some pregnancies, when it multiplies to dangerous amounts. The bacteria can be passed to the baby when the baby is born, so, prior to the delivery, the mom is put on an IV of antibiotics to fight the infection to prevent its spread. If the mom is not put on antibiotics before delivery, then typically the baby has to be put on antibiotics and stays in the hospital a little longer, just to be safe. I would rather be put on antibiotics than Naomi, if at all possible.

Secondly, Naomi has always measured a week ahead. They estimate that she's at least 7 pounds now, growing and healthy. She's head down and I'm progressing, which tells me that she's on her way out. Ironically, the day they chose for induction (June 15) is the day she has been measuring for all along, even though my due date is not until the 21st.

Now. Let me first say that I would be very happy if Naomi comes before my planned induction. Being induced is not necessarily "ideal" to me, but at this point, I feel like it's a good choice. Is it the only choice? No. But that doesn't make it a bad one. I could wait. Given my progression, we're guessing that Naomi will come pretty quickly, which might make getting an IV on time difficult. Or, she might not--it's all a guess!

I feel at peace with our decision. My husband and I both do. And I really love my doctor--he's fantastic. He is not on call this weekend, but told me that if I do go into labor, the nurses know to contact him and he will come up to the hospital and deliver Naomi. Our hospital is small and doesn't function like a factory, like some larger hospitals. I know my doctor isn't in a hurry to deliver me and get it over with. This was truly a decision that was left up to me and I didn't feel pressured or coerced at all--he was totally fine with waiting, if that's what I wanted.

SO! This is where we are! If Naomi does, in fact, wait until Tuesday, it will be interesting to compare the experience of induction to the experience of going into labor on my own, which I did with Caleb. Obviously, going into labor on my own is what I want the most, but what ultimately matters is that at the end of this is that there is a healthy baby girl. Our little Naomi Kate.

We get to meet our baby girl in four days. Or sooner.

Y'all. I'm so excited.


  1. Oh my gosh...4 days! How exciting! I'm sure she's going to be GORGEOUS!

    Best of luck!

  2. Woo-hoo!!! We're excited too!! (Ha! A rhyme!)