Thursday, June 10, 2010

Random! Thursday!

That's right, friends, another exciting Random Thursday! Woot!

1) My fingernails are nice and long. Which means they are getting in the way of everything, especially diaper changes, which is bad, since my diaper change load will be doubling (well, tripling, given the frequency of newborn diapers) soon.

2) I am very much loving my Aveda Pure Abundance shampoo.

3) The left side of my head has a double-crown. Which makes it hard for me to make it poofy when I do ponytails. Not that I'm huge into massive poofiness, but a little poof is good. I've found that a stiff set of large velcro rollers can do the trick.

4) I look scary in velcro rollers.

5) I accidentally dumped half of our fettuccine noodles in the sink tonight while attempting to drain them. This has now happened twice. My draining skills are sub-par.

6) I have a bizarre addiction to Toddlers & Tiaras. It's a bit like watching a train wreck, where you try to pull away but just can't. I have officially sworn off anything that says "princess" on it for Naomi.

7) Yesterday morning at 5:30am, my husband and I heard our door knob turn. In walks a little Cub, proudly carrying Dadda's leftover chocolate shake from Chick-fil-A (that he left on the end table from the night before ... obviously within reach of little hands--AHEM). He was holding the shake very carefully with both hands, with a huge grin on his face. He saw me and declared, "HI Mama!" Then he proudly lifted the cup and declared, "Juice!" I stifled a giggle and explained that was Dadda's "juice", not Cub's, and I sent him back to bed empty-handed. My husband and I laughed and laughed over that one.

8) He went back to bed and slept until 8:00.

9) Then he refused to eat his grilled cheese at lunch and decided instead he wanted to bark like a dog.

10) Having a toddler? It rocks.

11) My eyes are drooping and my hips are sore. Yippee, ninth month!

12) I go to the doctor today and am preparing myself for a "no change" diagnosis. I am hoping that he will say, "Oh wow! You are progressing so well let's just admit you and have this baby!"

13) That won't happen.

There you have it. Random Thursday.

Have a lovely day, friends!


  1. :) You are almost there!

  2. I agree about the princess stuff. I've too many little girls (in real life) that think they are a "princess" and therefore can't be bothered to act like a normal kid. Yuck. Cub sounds so much like my little boy - both the shake and the barking like a dog sound just like something he would do. I finally learned just to walk away when he won't eat. If he gets hungry I offer him his food again, but not something different.

  3. wtf is a double crown?

  4. ha. that story is hilarious! Lincoln always pants like the dogs...hope you get good news today!!!!!

  5. S, you crack me up. I have no idea what a double-crown is, except that the hair on the left side of my head grows differently? Maybe? So it does not manage as easily as the rest of my hair.

    My hairdresser told me that years ago and said that was why my volume always struggled on that side of my head.