Sunday, June 13, 2010

Charge It.

We've had a full weekend with lots of fun with our little Cub, and I'm quite stoked to write about it later today when I have a break and I'm not sitting here with a towel on my head getting ready for church.

But, I wanted to write something while it's on my mind. :)

One of our weekend activities included watching Cub's birthing video. Okay, now, I know that sounds TERRIBLY SCARY and, while I can guarantee you that it is not an ACTUAL birthing video (if you know what I mean), there is still plenty to see that maybe nobody else should ever see (save for a few friends who were encouraged to watch it right after Cub was born, before we had viewed it ourselves .... they're recovering).

Anyway. I hadn't watched the video since October 2008, after Cub was born. Throughout the entire video (me walking into the emergency room, me in labor, me pushing, right after Cubbie is born, etc.) I'm practically begging my husband to turn the camera off. My face was huge. I was in miserable pain. I was beyond exhausted. My roots needed a touch-up.

But oh my word, as we settled on the couch to view it once again on Friday night, I was absolutely fascinated. There were so many things I had forgotten, like when Josh comes on the video and says, "Katie is now complete and can start pushing! We're expecting the baby any time now ... it's 4:10pm!"

(Cub finally made his appearance at 8:08pm.)

Watching myself in labor wasn't exactly my favorite part, but watching Cub come into the world, was. Now, as I mentioned earlier, it isn't THAT graphic. But you could see Cub take his first breath, watch his Daddy cut his umbilical cord, and see me pleading, "It's okay! It's okay! It's okay!", probably to calm myself as much as I was trying to calm the newly crying baby. We witnessed Cub looking into the eyes of his grandparents for the first time, as family came pouring in after hours and hours of waiting. Lots of crying. Lots of kissing.

I had previously sworn off the idea of ever allowing our video camera anywhere near the hospital ever again, but I've changed my mind. After the video wrapped up, my husband turned off the TV and looked at me with tears in his eyes. I wiped my own and told him to charge the camera.

Take Two. In a few days.

(And thankfully my roots look somewhat decent this time around.)


Have a lovely Sunday!


  1. Made me cry! (not that it takes much these days, but you get the idea.) I can hardly wait to see pictures of Naomi. I wish I could be there, but what with my own impending labor I think I will just wait until our next trip back in October! Love you friend!

  2. Ah. THE video. How could I forget? ;) But really, I think it was such a good thing to capture forever (yet ANOTHER thing that I did not accomplish while in the hospital...gah!), and you'll be glad you have it later. Only a few days left!!!!!