Friday, May 7, 2010

Random Thursday!

(Um, and I know it's Friday. I typed this on Thursday and just noticed the title this morning. COOL! Can we blame this on pregnancy brain?? :))

Okay, so, I've had two posts rolling around in my head and I couldn't decide which topic to actually write about. Seeing as my decision-making abilities are currently NONEXISTENT, I figured it would be safest to just write about them both in one post, before my other absent-minded trait got the better of me: FORGETFULNESS.

(Yes, I do think of random posts throughout the day. Isn't that funny? I'll drive by something, hear something, have a random thought, and think, "I should post about that!" Blogging? I love it.)

For the purpose of organization, I shall title each topic separately. Firstly.


When I think of an impulsive purchase, I typically think BAD IDEA. I don't know how many times I've bought something, thinking I had to have it, only to be disappointed or regretful in the end. Buyer's remorse is one bummer of a feeling. So, when a friend and I were shopping at good ol' TJ Maxx a while ago and this beautiful red patent leather tote caught my eye, I immediately cringed. Oh man. I wanted this tote. I had just finished a bunch of photo shoots and had a bit of spending money, so, what was worse than wanting the tote, was knowing that I could actually have it. But it was frivolous! Unnecessary! IMPULSIVE!

But, call it blind optimism, call it an out-of-body experience, call it what you'd like. I carried that tote to the front of the store and I bought it. Right there.

And you know what? It has been one of the most functional purchases I've ever made. I get more use out of this bag than I ever could have imagined. Overnight trips to visit my parents, overnight trips to the lake, needing a bit larger of a diaper bag, or, as the taken-by-a-camera-phone picture below indicates, it also makes one handy carry-on.

(Pardon the cheesiness. We had just landed and ran into some friends who were departing. We saw them through the glass at the gate. Hi, friends!)

(Also note: My brother-in-law and I are happy! And fun! My husband? He just WANTS TO GET TO CUSTOMS.)

So. Anyway. Have you ever purchased something totally on impulse that actually ended up being a good idea?


Second topic!

"Food For Thought"

Do you mix your food when you eat a meal or do you eat each item separately? I noticed this evening that I am a mixer. I want a small bite of steak, mashed potatoes, and veggie altogether on my fork before I put it in my mouth. I do not like to eat one item at a time. I like to taste all of the flavors together.

What does this mean? What about you?

Okay. Those are my thoughts.

Happy Random Thursday!


  1. I am definitely not a mixer...I hate when my food touches!

  2. Not a mixer. Would eat off a separated baby plate if I could. Really disgusting: when foods that aren't supposed to be mixed are stirred together on one's plate. Gross. A fork full of different foods isn't repulsive but mashed potatoes and gravy and veggies all swirled together - pleh.
    One of my favorite necklaces was an impulse buy and I wear it all the time. Usually, my impulse purchases are for someone else.

  3. I'm typically a non-mixer of my food. I was especially picky about this as a child, but have learned to get over it through the years.