Thursday, May 6, 2010

Reality Check.

Did I ever tell y'all Cub's birth story? I think it's on my old blog, not this one. Basically, I went into labor at 3:00 AM on a Saturday morning, headed to the hospital after a hot bath at 5:00, was admitted and our families met us at 7:00, we all hung out for the day, I pushed for forever, Cub was born that night at 8:00.

It was pretty much an ideal situation, when I look back.

(The circumstances, not the marathon pushing.)

However, today, when I was unshowered and on Mama Duty all day with a needy Cub who had spent the night puking, I realized that this time around, my going into labor might not be as "ideal". I honestly thought, "What if my water were to break right now??" My bags aren't packed. My closet is a disaster. My baby is sick. My husband was at work.

Needless to say, it vaulted me into the realization that I had better get my rear in gear for Naomi's arrival. Not that I think it will happen soon, but who's to say that when it does happen, Cub won't be sick again? Or my husband won't be gone? So, tonight I started packing my hospital bag. That way, in case it does happen amidst unforeseen chaos, I can simply say, "Grab the red bag by the door!" instead of relying on some poor soul to paw through my pajama drawer.

Also. Vomit makes me cringe. I spent the last 45 minutes detailing our car. Eeeeeeeek.

That's all. :)

Have a lovely day, friends.


  1. thanks for the reminder to actually pack my bag and not just have a list of things I'll need. these babies could arrive any time! (or wait another month...who knows!)

  2. (I actually had to go online to find a list of things to bring ... I couldn't remember!!)

  3. I remember that feeling of 'it could happen anytime--crap!!'...! The not knowing is one of the hardest things about having a baby, I think. Sounds like you are getting a good plan together. Red bag. Check. Someone to watch Cub. Check. And...if you need anyone to do anything--we're here! :)

  4. You are getting SO CLOSE. yay!!!And speaking of vomit, Levi has decided this week that he will not go to bed by himself without a fight! (he was doing SO GOOD for like 3 weeks!!) and he cries so hard he vomits. Almost every night this week! Any advice?

  5. Try emergency c-section at 35 weeks on the day of your first baby shower. I was not ready, and since it was an emergency I literally showed up to the hospital with my purse. Thank goodness for my family who jumped in and took care of everything. I think that if I could do it again I would pack my bag at 30 weeks.

  6. (Okay, wow, emergency c-section at 35 weeks?? CRAZY!! I'm glad you had rescuers to help you out!!)

    Whitney--I'm so, so, sorry! That stinks!! The only advice I can give is to stay consistent. I'm sure you're already doing this, but just be sure you're putting him down around the same time every night and doing the same predictable bedtime routine. And then go in and soothe him at 5 minutes, then 10 minutes after that, then 15 minutes after that ... I have no clue how to give advice with the vomiting, though!! My first instinct would be to just let him go and do it and clean it up in the morning, BUT, that sounds horrible! Maybe some other moms who have gone through that will read these comments and give some advice! Sorry, friend!

  7. Thank you, Katie! He goes down at the same time (give or take 30 minutes) each night and I do the 5, 10, 15 thing and after 3 nights when we first started it, he would fuss for about a minute and then go to sleep. It was amazing! But THIS WEEK, it's as if he has never done it before and he cries so hard that he starts coughing and then up comes his "before bed" formula! Ahhhhh!!! Silly bebe. They sure keep you on your toes, that's for sure! :) But he better stop soon, because I'm running out of sheets!