Monday, March 22, 2010

Let's Run To The Grocery Store!

Okay. I'm typically not a midday poster, but I just had to document this immediately because oh my word, it's just so typical of life sometimes. Here it goes!

I am on a cleaning rampage all morning. Call it nesting, call it Spring Cleaning, whatever. Cub and I are both still in our jammies, and I'm getting quite a workout vacuuming anything that has a smooth surface, be it a floor, a cabinet, or a countertop. I'm telling you. VICIOUS!

I put Cub in his room around noon for his nap, and I can hear him talking in his little sing-song voice over the monitor. His naps have been a little off for the past few days, which usually means the naps are changing in some way. I listened to him babble for a while until I finally peeked in and saw him laying on his bed, talking away, not tired at all! Too cute. I figure he's probably pushing his nap to a later time now, so I get him out of bed and we play a little before I realize Hey! This would be a great time to run to the grocery store!

So, I grab my notepad off of the refrigerator and begin jotting down the things I know we need. I pop open the laptop to check out some new recipes and after I finish making out my list, I open my FOOD envelope to see how much we have left (the last week of the month, after all!). Cub toddles in and asks for my "juice" (a cup of sweet tea). I hand him his sippy cup and tell him that is his milk and he may drink that but not drink my "juice". He leans his head on my leg and I rub his hair which quickly turns into an impromptu tickle war. After said war, I peek into my FOOD envelope one more time and revise my shopping list accordingly. Then Cub toddles in and takes my pen. I ask him to please hand me the pen back and when he does, I hoist him up to change him into an actual outfit, seeing as we were going out in public and it was too late in the day for me to get away with him wearing pj's!

Cause we're going to run to the grocery store! All quick-like!

I change him and decide I should probably fix myself up a bit. I run into my bathroom, trade out my trusty sweats for some maternity jeans, and Cub toddles in after me. He shuts himself in the closet while I'm throwing my hair into a ponytail. I release him from the clutches of the closet and commence spraying my hair with hairspray and he shuts himself in again. After I again release him, I open my make-up bag to dash on some eyeliner and mascara. Cub reaches in my bag and grabs my concealer and starts to make a run for it. I tell him to STOP and he turns around meekly and puts the concealer back. I do a somewhat decent job at applying said make-up before realizing Cub has made a getaway with my husband's deodorant. I retrieve the Cub and the deodorant and quickly shut the bathroom door.

So we can run to the grocery store!

As I head into the living room to grab my purse, Cub toddles after me, chirping, "Boots! Boots! Boots! Boots!" and I tell him that Yes, we're going bye-bye, so we need our boots! I hunt around for his Boots! and find them wedged in his diaper basket on the floor in his room. I grab a pair of his socks and hoist him onto my lap as he continues to declare, "Boots! Boots! Boots!"

Then I smell a stinky.

I take my boy in his Boots! and we head to his room where I change quite possibly the most intense poopy diaper of my entire life, thanks to some new little toofers popping into my little Cub's mouth. I hold my breath, finish the job, direct Cub to throw his diaper away, and then once again put his Boots! back on his little feet.

Because we're going to run to the grocery store!

I grab my purse, the list, and my cell phone, and Cub toddles after me as we head to the garage. I buckle him into his car seat and say, "Ready to go?" and he responds, "Go!" I hop in the car, back out of the driveway, and head down the road so we can accomplish that quick run to the grocery store. Cub talks happily as we speed along, until a few minutes go by and I realize he hasn't been talking. I peek in the rearview mirror.

He's asleep.

I check the clock. It's 2:00, which means if I wake him up from this ten minute snooze when we get to the grocery store, chances are he won't fall back to sleep again and that power nap will be all he gets.

Changing nap time, remember?

This is the part where I burst out laughing at the absurdity of it all. I turn the car around in a nearby parking lot and head home so I can put Cub to bed. I carry him into his room and he is totally conked out.

As for me? This quick run to the grocery store has all but worn me out!!

We'll go when he wakes up.

(If we can manage it.)

Have a lovely day!


  1. I love it! We've been to two different grocery stores today between naps. A sang to herself for about 20 minutes before she fell asleep today. The big boys "read books" and never went to sleep. Ever-changing nap time is such an adventure!

  2. Seriously!! Cub slept for two hours, so I'm glad I turned around. Of course, once we actually made it to the grocery store after he woke up, I realized I left my cash envelopes at home. SWEET! So I paid with the debit card and called it good.

    Looks like we get to take a "quick trip" to the bank tomorrow! Sigh!!

  3. Perfectly describes the life of a Momma. This type of thing has happened to me all too often. You just gotta laugh!

  4. Your stories crack me up! I find myself ignoring my loud 3 yr old just to read...thanks for the entertainment, which is sure to only increase after number 2 arrives...congrats! :)