Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cubbie Update!

Seriously. Yummy face.

So! Some Cub updates. For fun. Since I no longer post a monthly letter. Here it goes!

Sleeping: One (long) nap in the afternoon and night sleep ranging from 12-13 hours. Woot.

Eating: Appetite has slowed notably, however, palette has not. He still eats the craziest things.

Activities: Climbing, running, laughing, talking, talking, talking, talking, exploring, coloring, talking

Current challenges: Learning not to throw a ball inside (only outside), learning the difference between a ball and toy when it comes to said throwing, learning to not throw toys at Mom's face, etc., learning PATIENCE. Yes, we use that word with our one year old. We tell him to wait, to be patient. Sure enough, if we say, "Cub, you need to wait." He will say, "Patient!" They listen, I tell you! Even if the actual execution is a bit more challenging ... :)

Current victories: Using his "words" more efficiently (rather than whining or grunting), using manners more and more without prompting, picking up toys with less prompting as well, sleeping in the big boy bed, excelling at effortless adorableness

Playing: Loves playing with friends, loves playing alone. I am very thankful for both! He is quiet and methodical, lining up his cars and such.

Favorite toys: CARS. CHUCK TRUCKS. CARS. Vroom-vroom! Also, he likes to suck on his tooth brush after I brush his teeth. It is an electric toothbrush and I think it feels good against his teething gums.

(Don't worry, I don't let him run around with it in his mouth.)

Parental preference: Dadda is Walking Amazingness, but Mama is the one who wipes the tears and kisses the boo-boos and really saves the day (he he). Also, he has begun leaning on me and crawling on me and cuddling with me during the day. That's right. MAMA!

Quirks: Refers to his milk, whatever I am drinking, or any edible liquid he sees as "Juice!"... when he toddles to the trash can to throw away his diaper, he exclaims, "Yaaaaayyy!!!" when he tosses it in ... when we're riding in the car and I say, "TATOR TOT!!" he absolutely busts a gut laughing ... and lastly, he murmurs to himself with lots of inflection, reminding me very much of an eccentric professor. I'll hear him in the other room babbling what sounds like "Wow! Um, wow! Uh-huh. Yeah, wow! Hmmm!" with his little voice rising and falling with each different word. It's so incredibly cute. (This is most likely the result of being with me all day, seeing as I've been known to mutter a word or two to myself.)

My Favorite: When we tell him it's time to pray, he says "Pray!" and folds his hands. When we are finished praying, he declares "Amen!" There have even been times when we've sat down and one of us (ahem, HUSBAND) will take an eager bite and Cub will ask, "Pray?" It's already begun!!

Have a lovely day.


  1. oh what a little love bug! so fun to read about his progression as a little man!

  2. What a fun little note, I'm so glad you shared all this, he's growing to be such a sweet boy, and it's wonderful that he's learning pray already!

  3. Hello, I stumbled upon your blog while blog hoppin! :) Just wanted to say hi! Became a follower, your blog is cute! :)