Monday, March 22, 2010

Product Review! Kind of!

I sat at my computer screen for a few minutes before I decided on a blog topic. During that small span of time, I overheard a cranking sound coming from Cub's room over the monitor, and a few minutes later my husband informed me that he thought that perhaps Cub was playing with a toy. He went in to survey the situation and sure enough, there was a safari man toy wedged between Cub and the bed, placed there earlier in the day by the little rascal, and my husband had to explain to Cub that No, it is not time to twist safari man's head around and around. It is time to SLEEP.

Then I went and got some water. Why am I always thirstiest right before bed? Isn't that some sort of cruel joke on a pregnant girl? We already know I'm going to spend the majority of the night trekking back and forth between my bed and the bathroom, regardless of how much I drink, so what's the deal?

Apparently, Cub did not put up a fight when the toy was taken away. I hear lots of silence. Of the static-y baby monitor-ish persuasion.

So! Product Review!

Winter is harsh on my little family's skin, so I'm thrilled when spring-ish weather abounds and we are able to toss away our Cetaphil and Eucerin in a sort of carefree bliss and instead purchase skin remedies that actually smell good! And come in pretty bottles!

Not that I'm dissing the old standbys. We would be very dry and sad without them during long winter months.

As soon as the temperature went above 50, I headed to Target and purchased this for Cub:

I love love LOVE the way it smells, but I've never really been able to use it on Cub's sensitive skin. BUT! Good news! As he gets older, his skin gets a bit more tolerant (but still baby smooth...yum yum) so I gave this a try and it WORKS! We have the lotion, too, and I love it. The cup/lid makes for easy rinsing, which is a bit more attractive (and subtle) than the large plastic cup we usually use for rinsing. Fantastic.

Then I hoisted my cart down the grown-up pretty smelling aisle and came across this stuff:

Now. When I first saw these bottles, I was a bit taken aback. It looked just a little too ... cliched? A little too ... "Let's be creative and use old advertising on new products!", perhaps? Like they needed to use lots of different fonts and distractive words because the product itself was lame? But, of course, being one who tries to never judge a bottle by its label, I gave the wash a good sniff and MMMMMM. I loved it! I found the body butter equally delightful. Thank you, Soap & Glory, for being delicious, even if your labeling teeters slightly on the tween-ish side. I'll take it.

Then, for the man in your life:

My husband cowers at the thought of body lotion. Lotion is for GIRLS and he's a BOY. But, when I introduced him to "man lotion", he shrugged and gave it a try. His dry skin is much happier and so am I, now that he no longer complains about it (as much, anyway ... if he stopped complaining altogether, it would indicate that he appreciates the benefits of lotion and such a confession would be a betrayal to manhood, right?). Also, the scent is very manly, so he doesn't feel like he's slathering on a field of wildflowers basking in the midday sun.

There you have it! A mini product review. Ish.

Have a lovely day!


  1. John and I have had the same "men don't use lotion" discussion more times than I can count! So I too bought him the Vaseline Man lotion!! I love the manly smell and he tolerates it well enough to use it! Success!! Chalk one up to inventive marketing, no doubt spear-headed by a wife tired of her husband complaining about his dry skin!

  2. Jonathan and I have the same lotion battle! He has incredibly sensitive, dry skin and after years of refusing any skin care whatsoever I have finally got him using Nivea men's face lotion and Aveeno body lotion. And he has definitely had to admit that I knew what I was talking about :)

  3. Same here on the man-lotion battle. Russell keeps a bottle of VERY MANLY SMELLING LOTION next to the bed, and he uses it sparingly. Like, when his forehead is peeling off and falling on the floor. ;) Oh, and Emery enjoys the Method baby wash/lotion, too. Smells sooo yummy that I want to just eat her up! :)