Saturday, March 13, 2010

Just Wait.

*Warning: This post contains some sarcasm!

*Also! I am blaming pregnancy hormones!

*Kind of!

Remember how, when you were in your first pregnancy, you received several "just wait" comments? Like how you will never have time for anything again or how you will never use that one toy you registered for? You know? Those "just wait" comments that kind of made you want to scratch out your eyeballs? Advice is one thing. I welcome advice. But the condescending "just wait"'s drive me nuts.

Sigh. Ladies, they don't go away with number two.

Here are a few of my recent favorites (and the sassy comebacks I never actually say...):

1) "JUST WAIT until you find out that Naomi is actually a BOY! And you have a GIRL nursery!"
Oh my gosh, we TOTALLY DID NOT CONSIDER THAT! Thank you, Captain Obvious. Then we will use our BOY bedding and our BOY toys and our BOY clothes! Since ... we ... already ... have ... a ... BOY.

2) "JUST WAIT until Naomi comes out as a strong-willed baby. Then you'll finally understand what it's like to have a tough child!!"
Firstly, if you honestly have time to think about these kinds of things, please use your time more wisely and come over and do my laundry, rather than wallow in spite. Secondly, we DO have challenges with Cub, we just choose to not make excuses for it. And Naomi will not get excuses, either. Thirdly, what?? Naomi will be DIFFERENT than Cub? They won't be one in the same?? Wow. There's truth to that whole birth order thing? We are all fearfully and wonderfully made?? Unique? Individuals? NO ONE TOLD ME!

3) "JUST WAIT until you try to lose your second baby weight! Mine took years!"
I'm not sure how to say this gently, but if it's been "years", it isn't baby weight anymore.

Okay. I just needed to vent a little. I understand that people enjoy giving "just wait" comments with all of the best intentions, but, you know. As I heard it quoted once, "The road to hell is paved with good intentions"!

Just let me learn it on my own, okay? And if Naomi is, in fact, a boy, who is a rebel-rouser at the age of one week, and I haven't lost the baby weight by the time he is ten, then I will give you one of the cookies I have been devouring as a coping mechanism!


  1. LOL!!! Rock on chica!

    I get these comments all.the.time and they honestly make my husband and I laugh. Brush it off and laugh about it. It's all you can do. People who make those comments aren't worth it.

    Off to devour a bowl of chocolate moose tracks ice cream. ;)

  2. Sigh. It never ceases to amaze me what people will say. Especially to pregnant women. For what it's worth, my children got subsequently easier and I always lost the baby weight. But that doesn't stop people. My least favorite comment when I was pregnant with my 3rd: " You know what's causing this, right?" Seriously?!

  3. this post made me smile :) can't wait for baby naomi to get here!!!

  4. You are funny! I totally feel ya!

  5. wowza...dripping with sarcasm!! I love it! I should have written down what crazy advice I've been given, but I'm trying to learn to let it go in one ear and out the other. my favorite is always about having 2 in diapers. thanks for the good laugh. :)

  6. Oh man, loved this. Way to vent! And I laughed when you called Naomi a 'he' at the end. HA! People just don't know when to shut it sometimes. I double-dare you to use one of these come backs just once...I'll treat you to coffee as a reward.


  7. I was complaining yesterday to my mom about how huge I felt (I'm almost 22 weeks) and how depressing it is to have a 'different' body...and she goes JUST WAIT UNTIL WHEN THE END WHEN YOU'RE REALLY BIG!!
    Um, thanks mom....

    People suck sometimes :/

  8. LOVE it! Feel no guilt about the sarcasm/venting. It is necessary for all of us at some point (and there might be people who read this who need the reminder to keep their mouths shut!). A few of my favorite comments recently (both from the same person who happens to be a DUDE!): the hospital I'm giving birth in is a "baby factory...they will just put me on the conveyer belt, yank him out, and send me on to post-partum!" and when I told him I hadn't yet felt the baby have hiccups he said with serious concern, "Well that's strange, because that's how their lungs prepare to breathe..." This is the same person who warns me that the first year is all about survival. Well, buddy, I plan on doing more than surviving, thank you very much! Gee, maybe I need to do a venting post of my own? :)