Saturday, March 13, 2010

Feel Good Friday (er, Saturday)!

(A Day Late!)

(Because that's how I roll!)

Here are five things that made me feel good this week:

1) Planning Naomi's nursery! We originally intended on using all of Cub's old bedding and such, since we loved the clean blue, brown, and white palette. Then we realized that this will be Naomi's room for a long time (until we move someday!) so we decided to add a few more things to make it girly and to make it "her" room, you know? It's all in the planning period, but I'm so excited!

2) Planning a weekend getaway with my three best friends. We're coming from Chicago, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Memphis, respectively, to hang out one last time before some major life changes happen for all of us! We've been best friends since seventh grade, so these gatherings are very special to us!

3) Lots of sunshine and "ou-side" time for Cub. He stands at the door and begs to go outside, so it's been nice to accommodate him!

4) Cub's new words. He recently learned "coat", "socks", "boots" and "shoes". I ask him what we need before we can go "bye-bye", and he lists the aforementioned items. :) It's too cute and I'm seriously amazed at his sponge-like ability to absorb knowledge ... and then use it! I'm beginning to understand more and more why the first three years of life are so crucial to a child's social, emotional, and intellectual development. Their brains move at a million miles per minute!

5) Lake time with my in-laws! Cub and I loaded up and headed to the lake on Thursday to spend time with PaPa and Grandma. I love being at the lake--it's so relaxing, even if it rained the whole time! My in-laws are extremely gracious and it was so nice to spend some time away with them!


  1. Love the new words :) and you are seriously the only person I know who writes a two line blog post about body wash and gets 7 comments! Love it :)

  2. Thanks for playing along with Feel Good Friday! ;)

  3. I'm excited to hear all about/see Naomi's nursery! how fun!!