Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Unkept Lady.

I wrote a post last week about my angst with eyebrow maintenance. I'm just not very good at it. After I wrote it, I began to pensively reflect on my beauty regimen and realized that Oh! I'm not very good at anything with beauty, really!

Which, of course, there are so many more important things in the world than that. Like, say, everything.

But I realized that I was never really taught how to apply make-up. I didn't start wearing make-up until my junior year of high school, and then I stopped wearing make-up for a while in college (about the same time I adopted Chacos and snacked on granola), and then started up again around the end of college and pretty much wear it all the time now. I'm assuming I'm okay at it, since no one has stopped to ask me where the clown convention is meeting.

But, once the make-up is applied, I'm done. I'm AWFUL at remembering to remove my make-up. I justify it by insisting that I use Physician's Formula bare minerals powder and organic tinted moisturizer for foundation, which are basically not really awful for your skin. So I don't HAVE to wash my face before hitting the pillow, right? Right? Maybe? Granted, my eyes are usually black scary blotchy blobs by morning (sorry, Babe!), but, I do wash my face in the shower the next morning, so that's okay, right?

(Sigh. I know it's not.)

And then there's my hair. I'm finally getting to the point where I get it trimmed and colored somewhat consistently. Of course, this is usually after our pastor's wife, who does my hair, stops me in the hall one random Sunday to gently hint (ha ha) that my roots are down to my chin and that perhaps it's time for a touch-up. Oh! Thanks for the reminder!

And yet, despite my obvious lack of personal maintenance, I consider myself a girly-girl.

And I never considered how that could be a bit of a contradiction until well, I thought about it.

I like purses. I like shoes. I like dressing up. I love chunky jewelry, but primarily of the wooden or beaded or other natural medium persuasion. I also like hoodies. And ponytails. And TOMS. I will never turn down a pedicure, but my toenails look pretty rough right now. I've had fake nails on and off for the past 5 years (definitely off since having le bebe) but I can never decide if I actually like having them. I drool over designer bags, but love Target's selection. I curl my hair and love football. I love to look like a hotty wife for my husband, but I like nothing more than to chat with him as my best friend.

So, I'm going to guess that I just kind of fall right in the middle. A girly-girl with a healthy dose of tomboy. Not too shabby, I suppose.

What about you? Where do you fall? Are you more girly-girl or tomboy?? Or, has it kind of changed as you've gotten older? I was an absolute tomboy in middle school, but that changed as I've changed, you know?

Have a lovely day!


  1. I'm pretty much in the same boat as you. i could've written the same post, minus the chunk jewelry, it looks silly on me. i love designer handbags but i can't stomach to pay the $$$ for one, though i do own one classic dooney that i just love. i bought it after i got my first bonus check from my first real job after college. i hate my eyebrows, i don't tweeze, pluck, or wax. uh oh! my toes and hands are a mess, but i too like to look nice, i just don't focus on the details...

  2. I wrote about the make-up part of this yesterday - I even took pictures, haha! I can totally relate - I SCREAM at football games and love my comfy sweats, but also love my tall black boots. The only parts I don't really do are the fake nails, I like polish, but fake nails are too much maintenance, my nails grow REALLY fast. And I don't do chunk jewelry - I like really gawdy earrings and big rings, but I can't have big bracelets. I think I may look like a clown at the end of my make-up process, but most of it wears off after fifteen minutes, especially the lips. I'm balanced I guess, in the girly girl and tomboy regions. Sports and four-wheelers meet up well with make-up and hairspray...:-)

  3. I think I would totally fall into the girly-girl category, but I love a good pair of sweats as much as the next tomboy! ;)

  4. i never wash my makeup off at night and have many friends that don't either! (that is if i actually put on makeup). the main reason i wear makeup now is because it "looks professional" and i work for a marketing firm so it's kind of expected.

    i have a hard time justifying constantly coloring my hair, so i don't do that much (it sounds like you have a good hair hookup!) for the sake of our budget. same with fake nails and such...they look nice and i do them if i'm in a wedding or another special occassion, but i find it hard to justify spending money on them when there are so many other more important things in life (from haiti to la bebe :))

    i don't think of myself as a girly-girl, but i'm sure others would argue.

    i agree that you are a good mix of gg and tomboy!!

  5. Total girly girl through and through. I couldn't pull off tomboy if someone paid me. I get many laughs when I've attempted it for the sake of community sports, outdoorsy dates and whatnot. Just can't pull it off. Anyone who knows me knows I'm a fanatic for frills, lace, jewels and fashion! Call me crazy but I can't even go to the PO without makeup! Haha, and I never thought that was remotely weird until several friends told me I'm nuts. Oh well, to each his (or her) own! :)