Sunday, November 1, 2009

No Rest Weekend.

My Weekend in pictures! Kind of!

Friday Night we went to a concert. Imagine us at a concert.


My husband ran a 5k (eeeaaaaarrrrlllyyyy in the morning) and beat almost everyone from his work! Way to go, babe! I was the proud support wife with a mug of Ghirardelli hot chocolate. I know how to do mornings.

Halloween with a little monkey who's pants were too big! Poor little monkey.

Little walking monkey.

The whole family.



Church. No pictures. Imagine me playing keyboard in skinny jeans that I had to button below my bulging tummy. Yes, I wear jeans to church.

The yellow heels dressed them up, I think.

After church! Photo shoot!

Love this family! You can see more here.

And now, I'm exhausted! How am I supposed to recover from a crazy weekend?? Hmmm ... hot chocolate and bed, I think!!


  1. Maybe you can sleep in and/or take a nap Monday! You did have a busy weekend, but one filled with fun.

  2. HA! What a sweet little monkey. What did your little bean dress up as, I wonder? Probably...a fishy.

  3. I laughed out loud at the monkey pic with his pants too big. I needed that this a.m. Your photography is amazing! Get some rest.

  4. Your little monkey couldn't be any cuter. You are looking quite lovely with your hot chocolate in hand standing by your man...what a fun and busy weekend, rest up this week!

  5. I want to see the yellow heels! Sounds adorable. Speaking of adorable, that little monkey of yours is pretty darn cute!

  6. Whew, what a weekend! Thanks for squeezing me in for some shopping!!! :)