Friday, October 30, 2009

Random Friday!!

Okay friends, I know random posts are a total blogger copout, but I'm exhausted, my mascara is smeared, my tummy is empty and my body is attempting to crawl into bed as I type. It's making this whole sitting at the computer thing a bit awkward.

So! Random post! YAY!

-My husband asked me three times if he had received a package in the mail today. I told him No, he did not, every time and then on the fourth time he asked me I suddenly remembered that Yes! He did receive the package! It's on the kitchen table!

-Dear Husband, Get ready, life will be like this until June. Or until 2028. Love, Katie

-I made amazing homemade pumpkin bars and documented the whole thing and eventually I will put the recipe here. Because they are that good. The recipe is from a friend's Mom.

-As soon as I sanitized the car attached to the front of the shopping cart at the grocery store today, Cub attached his mouth to its steering wheel.

-Two friends asked me today how I was doing after the ultrasound and I am humbled by the blessing of compassionate friends.

-When my husband came home from work, toys were scattered on the floor, the kitchen was covered in flour, powdered sugar, cocoa powder, and frosting, and Cub and I were sitting at the kitchen table, with me stuffing my mouth with (non-raw-fish) sushi, saying, "I'm thorry the houth ith suth a meth I've had a very crathy day!!" as Thomas the Train (Thomath the Twain?) played noisily from the TV.

-I typically have the toys picked up and dinner on the table when he walks in. He was nice about it.

-I had a crazy day because I hosted my first party as Party Coordinator on the women's ministry team at church this evening and I did a lot of baking today (hence, pumpkin bars ... and homemade hot cocoa in the crock-pot! YUM!). It was fun. There were amazing sweets there but I controlled myself and only ate two. Now I am going to eat dinner and it is late.

-I need a good shampoo and conditioner recommendation. Anyone have any ideas? My hair gets greasy easily (HORMONES) and is color-treated, so I have to take that into account. I'm not a hair product snob, but so far Biolage works the best. Suggestions welcome!!

The End. Have a lovely weekend friends. And thank you for putting up with me!!


  1. What is with the greasy preggo hair!?! I used to be able to go 3 days without washing, and now I am lucky to go every other without looking like an emo kid. Makes me so sad!

  2. ooo...I was wondering if the pumpkin bars were my mom's recipe!! I'll have to tell her you made them and they were a success!! and random posts aren't a least you're still blogging regularly. :)

  3. Lucky you for only getting greasy hair while pregnant! I have it all the time and it suuuuuucks!!!! You should try a clarifying shampoo(maybe 2 times a week)! And maybe even use conditioner first and then shampoo. and also rinsing your hair out with cold water might help a little too. Good luck with your hair :)

    And have a great weekend!!!

  4. haha, loved this post! Sorry you had such a busy nausea filled week! I hope it gets better soon!

    I love the matrix for color treated hair it's in the purple bottles... It smells great and leaves my hair soft and shiny. It's about the same price point as biolage.

  5. Mmm, pumpkin bars. Need. Some. Now. Sounds like the party was a success as well as baking! Hope your weekend is restful, friend.