Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Cubbie Thus Far.

So! In the wake of life and such, I realized I haven't done a Cub update in a while! And, as this blog primarily exists to document his life, I figured it was time to actually, well, document it!!

High five, Mom. High five.

So! Here you go. I even broke it into categories, to pretend like I'm organized. Yippee!

Cub's favorite toys right now still include the most random things: A cardboard box here, a random plastic wrapper there, a spoon, a piece of fabric, a hanger, etc. He loves his cars and trucks and toys that play music and toys that go, but I'm amazed at how content he still is to hold a pair of keys. It's refreshing. One BIG toy that he loves is his new Radio Flyer All Terrain Wagon. We pull him around and he grins the whole time. My husband was particularly excited about giving it to him, since he had almost the exact same wagon as a child ("But this one has PNEUMATIC tires!"). And he loved his wagon. And Cub loves his wagon.

Cub is now a pro at patty-cake, "SO big!", waving, peek-a-boo, and the like. He loves to hold a blanket in front of his face and slowly lower it to "peek" during peek-a-boo. He loves to pound things and make big noises. He walks as he wants to, a few steps here and there, and then he crawls again. At this point we realize that Yes, he can definitely walk, but he's just being lazy about it! We're still working on baby signs and he is picking them up more quickly, although they are still definitely a work in progress. He has "milk" down okay, "more" is alright. He still plays alone like a champ, but we play together a lot, too. It's nice to know he can entertain himself while I do chores, but I do make it a point (and it isn't very hard) to sit down and read, play patty-cake, say memory verses (me to him, not him to me :)), and to just play. I love playing with him and he loves to play. He loves to entertain and will do anything for a good belly laugh. He loves to be swung, hung upside down, and to view the world from his perch on Daddy's shoulders.

Hm, not many. He can say "Mama" and "Dadda" and "Nana" (banana) and "ball", but I can guarantee that if we met up in the grocery store, he would not say them to you. This is the thing with children--they make liars out of you!! So, while his vocabulary has, at times, expanded to "cracker" and "GO!", he rarely repeats it, especially in front of others. He definitely babbles all the time and I love hearing him from his car seat in the car. I always wonder what he is saying and I look forward to actually knowing!!

Cub goes to bed around 8:00-8:30ish and sleeps until 7:30-8:00ish. Normally. There are always blips and blurps and setbacks (like, say, a trip to Aruba), but he typically adjusts back to normal and we very much appreciate that!! He sleeps with his favorite stuffed animal, "Mr. Lion", who is only a sleepytime friend. As soon as I pick Cub up out of his crib, we say goodnight to Mr. Lion and toss him back in. Mr. Lion is not allowed to leave Cub's crib (with the exception of travel, as I've mentioned in earlier posts) as I do not want him dragging him across the stage with him at his college graduation. :) His naps have wittled down to one, and he typically sleeps from 11:30 or so until 1:30 or 2:00ish. It's working out pretty well!

Cub still eats like he has the palette of a 35 year old frenchman. Yesterday he ate cherry tomatoes as his snack. CHERRY TOMATOES. I didn't start liking those until I was in college. I'm not sure where Cub's appreciation for all things gourmet comes from, but I can guarantee you that we are continuing to attempt to expand that appreciation, as we realize one day he will wake up and only want a banana. Because he LOVES bananas. Filet mignon, yes please, with a side of banana. Sliced. He drinks around 16 ounces of milk every day. I don't make him finish his milk before he eats (the doctor said his calories come primarily from his food AND too much milk will make him him full and not want normal food) so he typically drinks it throughout his meal, so he still gets the needed amount. And I warm up his bedtime milk. He drinks it cold just fine, but for some reason, I think warm milk at bedtime just sounds good. A silly Mom thing, I guess!

So! There you have it! Random Cub updates. Now I must go--time to play!

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