Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Bathroom or The Bed.

Cub is napping right now and I am faced with the looming challenge of Do I shower? or Do I take a nap?

I feel like I should take a nap, as I'm growing more and more tired these days, but then I look in the mirror and think, "Ew! Shower, girl!" Hmm. What to do.

The only thing I CAN'T do when Cub is awake is nap. I can shower, but it's a little tricky leaving a one year old free to roam the bathroom while I scrub my hair. It's doable, but it's challenging. Hmm. Maybe I should shower quickly and then hit the bed for a quick catnap. Pregnancy with a little one running (crawling/walking) around is definitely going to be an adventure, I can already tell. With Cub I was able to sleep when I wanted to and be all kinds of lazy. Now I've got my little guy to keep me on my toes. My weary, sleep-deprived little toes. We've been fighting sickness in our house, too, of the cold variety, so between that and pregnancy, life has been a tad interesting this week!

So, back to my conundrum. Sleep or shower. Either way, BLOGGING isn't on the list and I should probably stash the laptop away and choose one of my former options. Hmm. We'll see. I think shower might win at this point.

Have a lovely day. :)


  1. Oh, how I remember the 1st trimester with a 1 year old to chase. It's tiring! I vote nap. ;)

    If I didn't get a shower in the a.m., I would take a quick shower and then hop in bed for a nap.

    It gets better though...just gotta make it through those first few weeks.

  2. Nap! (And I will now savor my pregnancy laziness even more knowing that the next time around it won't be nearly as easy to indulge!)

  3. I vote nap as well. Oh man, PG naps are a must, I have learned! Either way, hope your afternoon was restful.