Thursday, September 10, 2009


For the longest time, my Mom would refer to Cub's sippy cup as a "tippy" cup. It drove me crazy. I couldn't figure out why in the world Mom would mix up her "s"'s and her "t"'s when it came to properly pronouncing Cub's preferred method of liquid consumption. I'd never heard her refer to "sassy" as "tatty" or "sweet" as "tweet", so I chalked it up to a minor mental block and let it go. 

I was very relieved when I realized that my Mother did not, in fact, have a speech impediment, but that she was actually referring to the original sippy cup, the sippy cup that paved the way for our current and fancy new sippy cups:

The Tommee Tippee Cup.  

Apparently, this is the type of cup I used. And I've recently learned that they are still in production and are quite the hit in the UK. What made the Tommee Tippee cup so spectacular was its rounded bottom which prevented, well, tipping. Hence, Tippee (why, oh why, is it spelled incorrectly? WHY? Why do they do that?). Back in the day, these babies were less than spill-proof, but apparently their modern counterparts are quite spill-proof AND tip-proof. I'm not sure why a cup needs to be tip-proof if it is also spill-proof, but, well, no need to over-analyze the engineering that goes into infant drinkware.

Cub has discovered a new favorite sippy cup and it's quite the rage here at our house:

The Gerber Graduate Fun-Grip Cup. 

This is the first cup he's had that has a stopper, but we've been able to leave it in while he sucks his milk down. He loves and it and we're glad he does. This has been his (and our) favorite cup by far. It's leak-proof, small, and the spout is stiff but still soft. Love it! 

And, I must announce, Cub has moved on to whole milk. I was going to be good and wait until he was a year old, but he just got to a point where he was not digging formula. At all. He was drinking maybe 10-14 ounces a day, maybe, and he just hated it. I talked to some other moms and they gently encouraged me to just go to whole milk. So, at a play group last week, one of my friends gave him some cold milk and he sucked it right down. Now he's drinking about 24-28 ounces of milk a day, which is awesome. He loves it and we love that he loves it. AND it's way cheaper than formula!!

So. That is the infant drinking habit update from our home. I hope you enjoyed it. :)


  1. yay for whole milk and the Gerber Graduate Fun-Grip Cup!! way to go, Caleb! and it's hilarious that you thought your mom had a speech impediment!

    and, I really love that you share what you're currently reading...I might have to steal that idea. if that's ok...

  2. Of course!! I'm sure I stole it from someone else! It keeps me accountable to keep reading!!

  3. all of our bottles and cups are tommee tippee. you were right about the UK, they are thriving in this country. thats pretty much all we have over here.