Thursday, September 10, 2009

Eleven Months.

Dear Cub,

Today you are eleven months old.


More than ten. And almost touching twelve. I can't believe it.

When I think of this month, I think of lots and lots of tickling and giggling, lots of wiggling, lots of babbling, and lots of mimicking. You will now shake your head, wave, high-five, and do SO BIG! on cue. You now definitely know me as "Mama" and Daddy is "Dadadadadadada". 

And son, you LOVE your Daddy.

You've always been excited to see him and your face lights up when he gets home from work, but I'm noticing something changing beyond that, too. There are now moments where you prefer your Daddy. Rather than spontaneously reaching for him, you now consistently want him to hold you. If he and I are in a room, you zip right over to him, doing your sweet and speedy little crawl, giggling and laughing the entire way. I am the one who comforts boo-boos and gives kisses and snuggles, but your Daddy is the one for FUN. Lots of tickling and wrestling goes on in our living room and there is nothing sweeter than the sound of baby belly laughs echoing across the wood floor. He is your father and you are his son. And I love watching that unique relationship develop.

You are continuing to eat like a horse. Our little food processor gets lots of work as we chop up chunky Mexican soup, spaghetti and meatballs, roast and potatoes, chicken and rice, and whatever else we happen to be eating. I think you're storing up for the next phase in your life: Walking. You've gotta have some chunk to lose once you really start to get going! You definitely prefer to feed yourself and your lone tooth definitely gets a workout during meal time. We started you on whole milk and you LOVE it. I think your newly refined palette decided that formula tasted like chalk. I tried heating the formula, giving it to you in different cups, and all sorts of other methods to change your mind. But, you just didn't want it. And thankfully you love milk cold or warm (I like to heat it up before bedtime ... I know, I'm weird. I'm your Mom. It's a comfort thing!!). Either way, we sure appreciate your very hearty appetite. :)

You pull up, cruise, free-stand, and can crawl with astonishing speed, but you show absolutely no interest in walking whatsoever. It's adorable. And we're fine with it. I know I'm going to miss the sound of you crawling, your little hands and feet slapping the wood and tile beneath you. 

Lately you've been sleeping from 8:00-8:00, with one long nap (maaaaybe one short nap, too) during the day. I'm chalking this pattern up to a growth spurt, given your eating habits, too. But I'm enjoying it while it lasts! You also love to snuggle at bedtime, which I love. After you drink your milk, I wrap my arms around you and you wrap one arm around my neck and stick your thumb from your other hand in your mouth, and we rock together as I sing to you. It is a sweet time that I look forward to every night. Your Daddy used to put you to bed, but I've taken over again, helping to calm things down after you two play!! I love it.

We love you, Cub. And we continually thank God for the delight you have brought to our lives. There are times where we still look at each other, in awe of you, overwhelmed that God has placed you in our care. We are so blessed.



  1. He's a lamb, indeed. Such a sweet little face. :)

    I can NOT believe he's almost a year old!!! Wow.

  2. ELEVEN months!?!? WOW. Too old. This was a sweet letter, and I loved the part about the father/son relationship. That is really neat.