Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Hey There!

Wow, two months since my last post! I think that's a record.

Does anyone even read this anymore?

I'm keeping it open as a means to process the things that I think may need processing, but the trick has been carving out the time that it takes to write out such things, and when given the option to take a nap or read a book or watch a Parenthood marathon on Netflix, blogging gets shuffled to the back seat.

(I just had to scoot my chair in as a little toddler said, "'Scuse me!" as she walked behind me pushing a shopping cart with a baby inside while holding a magic wand. And wearing heels. This is life.)

So! Let's see. What's new.

Caleb finishes preschool this week, which means he starts kindergarten in the fall, which means I'm in complete denial and coping with massive amounts of salted caramel dark chocolate.

Which means Naomi starts preschool in the fall, a fact of which I am also in complete denial and therefore also coping with a high dosage of salty antioxidants.

Which means Lydia ... well, it feels like Lydia might be home forever based on her birthday and I AM FINE WITH THAT.

Y'all, I birthed Caleb and time flew by. I just can't believe it. They're growing. I'm old.

I participated in the Oklahoma City Memorial Half Marathon in April and finished my first 50k ultra-marathon trail run this past Saturday and today I slept in until the sun came through the window and woke me up, as Naomi crawled in bed next to us and we all fell back to sleep. All things filled with goodness and joy and the occasional leg cramp.

Cub is finishing t-ball this month, Naomi is finishing dance, and we are looking forward to a wide-open summer. Time to make a summer list! Or not. We might chill on the list for a little bit. I'm looking forward to nothingness for a while.

Who are we kidding. I'll have one by the end of next week.

I hosted Easter, rearranged furniture, had a garage sale, shooed a chicken out of my house (several times), burnt this really amazing teriyaki stir-fry, savored time with friends, cried over a standoff with my three-year-old, mourned and celebrated the lives of loved ones, and am on the brink of nine years of marriage to my really great husband, with whom I've laughed and cried and all of those things.

So. This blog has been empty, but life has been full. I hope yours has been full, too. And I will try to be better about typing out the thoughts that push into my head, because I promise, they are still there.

And here's the chicken. Bernadette.

Have a lovely day. 

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