Monday, June 24, 2013

Wedding Cake Sno Cones Are The Best Sno Cones.

Thank you so, SO much for your responses to my Sabbath post. It's good to realize I'm not the only one who at least ponders the topic, even if some approach it differently. It's something I look forward to experiencing in an intentional way and I think I have some tools to make that possible.

So, again, thank you, friends!

And, time for some pictures. Just a glimpse into our lives a bit. :)

The first sno cones of the summer! The kids picked their own colors and weren't exactly huge fans of the cones they created ... but they had no problem devouring my wedding cake sno cone with cream. Because everyone knows that wedding cake sno cones with cream are the best sno cones, right? :)

Please ignore the dirty garage floor and the scratched door frame (thanks to the previous owners' boxer) and pay attention to the adorable combination of lace leggings and rompers. After running errands by myself one morning (glorious!), I came home to find that my husband had gotten the kids ready, and look how he dressed the girls! He gets major points. Lace leggings? Rompers? Two of my favorite things. Pair them and put them on some cute girlies and I think it's a win.

We were waiting to get the oil changed before visiting my husband at work. I had asked the kids to look at the camera and say, "Cheese". This is the result. At least the baby gets it ...?

I captured this pic (with my for reals camera, not my cell phone, gasp!) whilst at my parents' house and it is now printed on canvas in our front room. It makes me smile every time I look at it. Sometimes, lighting and conditions just work together in a way that's almost magical. Add the fact that the kids were happy blowing bubbles, and I love everything about this picture. It's happiness, captured. Truly.

Have you tried this? Do. It's tangy, but delish. Coffee + Dark Chocolate = Perfect afternoon snack.

This is an example of what most of our days look like. Playing outside in the sunshine, eating outside in the sunshine. Love.

On a special outing, I let Cub pick out whatever he wanted in the hobby aisle at Hobby Lobby. He picked this volcano and very carefully mixed the plaster, dumped it in the mold, let it dry, and painted it (with the plaster stir-stick, ha!). Thankfully, I had some vinegar and baking soda on hand and the little eruption was great. So fun. He's obsessed with volcanos and space right now. I love it.

This beautiful girl turned THREE!! I can't believe it! Our little Mouse is growing before our eyes. I used to write letters to each of the kids on this blog on their birthday, but when Lyds was a baby I decided to call it quits. Instead, I hand-write a letter (pen and paper? what?) and put it in a special birthday binder designated for each of the little birds three. Something started to not feel right about publishing something that I had wanted to be sweet and personal between each kid and myself. I found myself writing more about what they knew (letters, numbers) and how they were growing (you're two feet tall!) rather than my hopes and dreams for them and the hopes and dreams I see them beginning to create for themselves. It almost turned into something informational for my readers' sake, rather than something special for my kids' sake. Anyway. Another sign of the struggle I have with social media--how to make something that is, essentially, all about me, not something that spills too much into the personal lives of my kiddos. Not that there's anything wrong with birthday letters on blogs--I'm just sharing my reasoning in case you wondered where her birthday letter was. It is neatly tucked in a pretty Marimekko binder, stashed in my room. :)

I ordered this shirt (designed by J.D. Reeves) after the Moore tornado and received it in the mail a few weeks ago. The proceeds went to benefit the relief efforts there.

The big kids started a summer gymnastics program. Oh my goodness, they love it! It's so fun to see them practice tumbling and following directions. I am praying they did not inherit my coordination. So far, so good. :)


When my husband works late, the kids and I usually bring him dinner and hang out for a bit. Starting a business requires a lot of time and sacrifice, but the payoffs have been more than worth it--he's home more and loving what he does. On the nights he does work, we can hang out as long as we'd like. It's been such a great change for our family and we are blessed. God is good.

Have a lovely day!

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