Friday, May 17, 2013

Sisters, Rocks, and George the Cat.

When I was but a few weeks away from delivering Lydia, Naomi's arm got caught on my camera strap and sent it crashing from the desk to the tile floor in our butler pantry. Thankfully, the camera was fine, but the lens was not. It was my favorite lens--a 50mm set lens with 1.8 aperature, blah blah blah--and I was so, so sad to see it shattered in pieces on the floor. Thankfully, my much larger and more expensive lens was tucked away safely in my camera bag ... but, I'm not going to lie, I like my smaller, cheaper lens better! Lydia was born, life got nutty, and finally, last week, I ordered a new lens. When it came, I actually wiped a tear from my eye. For reals.

While big brother was at school the next day, I took the girls to the pond to throw some rocks. I brought my camera along and may or may not have kissed the lens after capturing these sweet moments with my girlies. It was a perfect morning! We fill our wagon with rocks, drag it down the the pond, and the fun commences. This is Lydia's first time to join in the fun and she giggled and squealed the whole time. And the humidity brings out Naomi's curls, squee!

Have a lovely weekend, friends!

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  1. I love these pictures! It's crazy to me that they are out there playing like two big girls, tossing rocks, being ridiculously cute, etc etc etc. Sigh. And, FYI, you have a gift with photography. Anyone can point and click, but you, my talented friend, can see a good shot, figure out the perfect lighting/settings, and adjust yourself accordingly all within moments. Talent, I say.