Thursday, August 30, 2012

Day Twenty-what? And then wait what?

Yes, so, the photo challenge was almost completed. I mean, I'm just a few days short, right? Believe it or not, life is, you know, kind of busy and henceforth some things do not finish at their allotted time, but instead finish a little early ... making excuses making excuses ... hey speaking of things that get finished, check out the latest DIY project in our humble abode!

I saw something similar to this on Pinterest (go figure, shocking, right, I know) and thought, "Hmm, that looks doable", and that thought was preceded with this thought that "Hey my parents are coming to visit and I just know my Dad would love another project to work on since I have no idea what I'm doing but he seems to know his way around a hardware store SCORE!"

It worked out quite well.

I decided that the kids' hallway would be the perfect spot for a chalkboard wall. Even after they outgrow the desire to color all over it, I can still use it for birthdays and holidays and as a place to put reminders, like, Remember To Brush Your Teeth. And Be Home By Midnight. YIKES. Anyway.

Because the wall is textured, my Dad spackled the wall with a wallboard joint compound. Just like it says in that picture right there: Wallboard Joint Compound. This smoothed out the wall to prevent bumpy writing.

There is a closet door next to the section of wall we were using, so we made a line with tape that was even with the height of the doorknob. That way the chalkboard wall would only be on the bottom part of the wall and would look proportionate in the hallway. After the compound dried, I applied two coats of the chalkboard paint.

When the paint dried, my hubby and I adhered a pre-meausured piece of trim to complete it and voila! Our chalkboard wall!

The kids love it. And, sometimes I draw pictures after they've gone to bed and they love waking up to see my (attempt at) handiwork! Plus, it was and will be super handy on special days ... :)

There you have it! The chalkboard wall!

Have a lovely day!


  1. It turned out really cute!! We did a huge chalkboard wall and the kids love it. The only downside is it's a little messy. :-) Totally worth it though.