Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Lydia: Six Months.

Dear Liddybug,

Today you are SIX MONTHS OLD! WOW!

I can't believe it.

Girl, you have totally turned a page within the past few days. It's as if the somewhat schedule-jumbling four to five months suddenly ended, and here you are on a new routine, completely happy and content, taking in the world around you with a smile on your face.

Six months: The Golden Age.

You stopped sleeping through the night after two weeks of being gone. When we take trips, I get nervous that you will wake up everyone, so if you fuss in the middle of the night, I just feed you. Well, girly, you became accustomed to that feeding and decided you were done sleeping through the night. Thankfully, after a week at home, your sleeping habits have started to normalize, phew! You go to bed between 7:30-8:00 and wake up happy and cooing, content in your crib, between 6:30-7:00. It's wonderful, really.

You are nursing five times a day. You eat solid foods three times a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner, six to eight ounces total. I tried feeding you more than that and you were NOT happy, so we've backed off and learned your cues when you're finished. Cereal gave you a tummy ache, so the doctor told us we could just skip on over it and move on to fruit and veggies. You've had pears, apples, mangoes, squash, prunes, broccoli, blueberries, bananas, and carrots. You are a good eater!

You are absolutely entranced with the world around you. You love to lay on your back and watch the busyness that is our home, and then you decide you want to join in. You roll over onto your stomach, stick your rear in the air, and attempt to inchworm your way across the room. It is HILARIOUS. You aren't pushing your chest off of the ground yet, so instead your head lays flat on the ground. It's so funny! Good try, honey. :) You sit in your Bumbo and with the help of a Boppy, but are not sitting independently yet. You grasp at objects now and hold them for inspection and it's so cute. You love my earrings and my necklaces, too!

Before bedtime I sing your lullaby and you've started to snuggle against my neck and lean your head on my shoulder. Oh, sweetie, this is absolutely the best. I love our quiet time snuggles. You also love books and very intensely smack their cardboard pages. You are happy in your car seat and love that your brother sits directly behind you, in plain sight. You two love to smile at each other. And, of course, your sister loves ticklefests with you. 

Baby girl, we love you so much.

Keep growing and slow down, all at the same time.



  1. She's so cute! 6 months is totally the golden age! Life gets so much more manageable at that point- for everyone! ;)

  2. Yay, the six month mark! Hooray! She is so beautiful, and those pictures are some of my favorites yet. :)

  3. No way is she six months already! She is such a little doll! And I do love hearing about that "magical" six month mark, as Rhett is on the cusp of the confusing 4-5 month mark where I feel like he is constantly throwing me curve balls with his routine. :)

    1. Leslie, you have my sincerest sympathy! Hang in there!!