Friday, July 27, 2012

Love: The Week.

Baby Lydia getting lots of attention from visiting relatives. Sweet baby.

Teal pants!

The hutch purchased from my bestie. LOVE!

Look who's big enough to join us at the table! That Phil & Ted's Me Too chair has now held all three of our little ones. Love it.

Naomi and her little bestie, Emery. Cute girlies.

Nutty face time with the baby. I was snapping away at her giggles in the mirror and caught this gem of myself. And teenage girls think the duck face is cute ..?

Peppers, avocado, chicken, and tomatoes in lime juice. We eat them on Romaine lettuce "boats". Yum!

I cleaned out my closet and organized my dangly things. Earrings, and ... 

... the necklace wall! Too long for my little jewelry box. :)

I saw a friend of mine do this so I totally copied her--indoor hopscotch on these hot, hot days.

The Great Closet Cleanout unearthed some frames I had forgotten about! I added new pictures and hung them in our master bath. Engagement pic, wedding pic, pic of each our kids. Love this. And the IKEA mirror. :)

Outfit from the Great Closet Cleanout. I bought this dress last year but put it away because I got pregnant. I was happy to find it again.

Have a lovely weekend, friends!


  1. Your kids are so cute! Love your jeans and dress! So much color, so happy!

    We did the same hopscotch thing this week. Sophia wanted to use marker...I opted for tape. ;) They loved it!

  2. I love your loves for the week!

    A beautiful hutch.

    Oh, what we do to get a smile out of our babies! Love it.

    That salad looks FANTASTIC!!!

    That's a LOT of jewelry! My girls would be in HEAVEN if I had that much...I'm working on it!

    Indoor hopscotch? I'm stealing the idea today!

    It must be really hot there?

    LOOOVE that dress!

    And I love your blog!

    1. Thank you! And oh, Leanne, it IS hot. Miserably hot. Consistently above 100. Hence, the need for indoor fun! And most of that jewelry was from Target, and much of it was on clearance. I've learned the value of cheap jewelry knowing it will, at some point, end up in little hands! ;)

  3. I think the hutch was meant to be in your house. I like it better there than I did in my own. Perhaps I was merely a conduit to the hutch's rightful place. ;) And, um, WAY cute closet finds! Love the color!

  4. You rocked that duck face!! I love the pictures. And indoor hopscotch sounds like fun!