Friday, June 22, 2012

Love: The Week.

Big girl had oatmeal cereal for the first time!

And the big sister turned TWO! I can't believe it.

We spent her big day doing fun free stuff--seeing a waterfall, visiting a fire station, and looking at the birds and fish at PetSmart. Way fun.

Birthday girl in her party dress.

Father's Day. All of our children look JUST like my husband. I've never put them side by side like this before ... wow, I have THREE kids! :)

Cub and Naomi decided to have a fireplace picnic, complete with blankets.

Naomi's Two Year Check-up! Twenty-four pounds and almost three feet tall. She's got her Dadda's long and lean genes!

Angry Bird Pizza. It's what's for dinner.

Sweet baby. Can't get enough of her sweetness.

I'm attempting a fedora this weekend. I'm not totally sure how I feel about it. We'll see.

Naomi swimming. She looks like a superhero. Captain Nerd Alert, maybe? ;) Those goggles crack me up!

Have a lovely weekend, friends.


  1. Wow, your kids DO all look just like each other! Strong genes!

    I can't get over Naomi's pony tails. Super cute. Happy Birthday to your little princess!

  2. Obviously I don't know your hubby, because I would say all your kiddos look just like you haha! Either way, they're adorable:)

  3. Naomi looks SO grown-up with those pigtails!

  4. Hi Katie! The fedora looks cute and "sassy"!!

    Your kids are super cute....Baby is beautiful.....

    LOVE the hair bow in the picture of the Birthday Girl's birthday dress.

    I love these Weekly Love posts that you do!!