Friday, June 1, 2012

Love: The Week!

Little Nomes walking the beach at Lake Michigan. The road trip to visit my brother was a huge success and so, so fun! They live a few blocks from the lake and it was actually warm enough on Sunday for us to go to the beach. Love. 

Me and Cub! I'm wearing a strapless maxi dress. I felt the need to clarify that, ha ha. :)

Okay. I'm a huge fan of my aviators. I love them. So, the plastic-y MTV-esque eighties mod sunglasses trend has not appealed to me AT ALL. I still can't wrap my mind around red frames. I guess this just means I'm old, or terrified of thinking that I'm trying to look thirteen. I found some at Target super cheap and tried them on. Based on the fact that I didn't HATE them, I decided to purchase them. The clear frames were not as audaciously intimidating as some of the others. 

(Note: When I presented my dilemma to a (teenage) friend of mine, she replied: "Um, I think they're just supposed to be fun."

I overanalyze my sunglasses.


I love historical fiction, especially when it involves foreign royalty, and this book about the last days of the Romanov imperial family is keeping me on the edge of my seat. My SIL, who grew up in Russia, lent it to me. Love it.

Speaking of my sister-in-law, she made these amazing homemade Oreos and let us eat a lot of them when we visited. HOLY COW. YUM. I will write a post about the trip soon!

Cub has been carrying this vile of fish tank water around all week. He thinks it's super cool. Kids are funny.

Grilled cheese, yum. Vermont Sharp Cheddar on Rudi's Sourdough, grilled with real butter. And a watermelon. Summertime, I love you.

Okay, seriously. Our Lydia Ladybug has her own ladybug romper. I mean, the cuteness. Ladybug buns!

My hair looks like this at the end of almost every day. This is a reason I cannot cut my hair short. I would miss the messy bun. I wish I could say I have some awesome way of styling it, but so far flipping my head upside down and twisting it into a rubberband and tucking in the fly-aways is the best technique I have! Humid days means the hair has to be up.

Have a lovely weekend, friends!


  1. The beach? The Target love? Ladybug buns? Oreos? Up-dos? Love it all.

    I cut my hair short and can still put it up, but you are's not the same as the big messy bun. Yours looks awesome!

  2. I understand your sunglasses dilemma. I guess I'm old too. Sigh. ;)

  3. Tutu-buns and ladybug-buns. Too much cuteness for one week, I say. ;)