Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Use Your Words, Honey.

Naomi: I taw a boo tway!

Me: Really! Where did you see the blue train?

Naomi: It go wound da cuwvy tack!

Me: It went around the curvy track? Where was it going?

Naomi: To Tompin Ha ow!

Me: To Sir Topham Hatt's house?

Naomi: Yah! To Tompin Ha's ows to see Heawy.

Me: Yes, we like Henry.

Naomi: Yah. Ee mah fwavott tway.

Me: I thought Rosie was your favorite train!

Naomi: Eh. Wosee do.

Me: Yes, Rosie, too.

It's official, folks.

I'm bilingual.

Have a lovely day.


  1. You know what's funny? I'm pretty sure I had a very similar conversation with my son a couple years ago. Only a mom could understand. So sweet.

  2. Oh Nomes, I love her. My favorite line: "Eh. Wosee do." ;)

  3. LOL! This is soooo my middle. She's just now getting to the point where other people understand her. So funny!