Thursday, April 26, 2012

Three Months: A Letter.

Dear Lydia,

You are now three months old.

Holy cow.

(Gahhh baby double-chin! LOVE!)

You, baby girl, continue to be a source of joy and love in our family. You are still in the sweet snuggly stage where we pick you up and you just melt into our shoulders, quietly grunting, all shmooshy and perfect. But, sadly and happily, you are also becoming much more aware of the world around you. You hold your head up proudly and love to survey all that is going on around you.

You've moved into your bouncy chair during awake time, which you love. You kick and bounce and giggle at the moving toys and the music. Your face lights up every time we set you in there and it's the cutest thing. You also love to watch your siblings play and they provide constant entertainment for you.

You eat roughly six times a day and typically go to bed between 7:30 and 8:00. We've started giving you a dream feeding, since you take your last feeding around 6:30 and aren't usually hungry by the time you're ready for bed. You wake up around 3:30am to eat and fall right back to sleep (thank you!) and usually wake up for morning around 6:45 or 7:00. So, you basically sleep from 7:30-7:00 with a dream feeding and a real feeding in between. We'd keep you up later if we could, but, you are a sleepy bug. And we have no problem with that! Also, you're beginning to prefer your fingers rather than your paci. You'll still take a paci, but prefer to self-soothe to go back to sleep.

You do this new little "trick" that we like to refer to as "broken wing". When someone picks you up, you wrap your left arm around their neck and stick your right arm straight out behind you, to balance. It's adorable. You look like a little birdie with a broken wing (which, now that I type that out, sounds a little morbid ... sorry). But it's so cute. If "broken wing" is a bit to sad-sounding, we also noticed that it looks a lot like the penguins your Dad and I watch on Frozen Planet. Nerd alert! Either way, it's cute.

Your siblings love to interact with you and make you smile and I do my best to include them in whatever I happen to be doing with you. Like, for instance, this photo shoot. Brother was a big help with his camera ...

... and sister loved crawling all over you. It's safe to say you've been initiated into the sibling club.

We love you, baby girl. Our lives are fuller with you in it.


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