Thursday, March 15, 2012

Going Through The House: Kiddo Bathroom.

I detoured from decorating the formal dining room yet again to make a quick stop in the kids' bathroom. I promise, someday I will decorate the formal dining room. Someday. Someday when my brain is able to focus on a singular goal and take the appropriate means to achieve it.

Possibly when Lydia is eighteen.

Where was I? Oh yes, the kids' bathroom. It's a simple bathroom, with tan walls, white cabinets, and a seafoam shabby sheek-ish shower curtain. Do you like that gross misspelling? That gross misspelling of "chic"? For some reason, "chic-ish" looks like it should be pronounced as "chick-ish", whereas the pronunciation of the phonetical spelling of "chic" is mostly undeniable. Sheek.



(My apologies for sub-par picture taking. I had a camera in one hand, a baby in the other, and two toddlers attached to each leg. Awesome workout. And, it's not even a "before" picture. It exists only to show you the only color in the bathroom. The only shabby sheek-ish color.)

Anyway. It's safe to say the bathroom was lacking in personality. Since this bathroom does belong to the kids, I wanted them to contribute in personalizing it a bit. With Pinterest inspiration, I used masking tape to create a sun on a blank canvas. I then put paintbrushes in little hands and my cuties went to work, covering the entire canvas with happy yellow paint.

When the paint was dry, I removed the masking tape, and Voila!

Seriously. How fun and easy is that? The kids are so proud, so proud, of their sun. I am, too. I then coated some letters in white spray paint and stapled some teal and brown patterned fabric (to coordinate with the shabby-sheekish shower curtain) inside empty frames.

*I used fabric instead of scrapbook paper for durability, given this bathroom's frequent occurrence of steam treatments during croup season. Boo, croup.

I chose to create our little collage above the bathroom mirror, since there is some extra space up there and I thought it might help to heighten the room. Plus, its message is the first thing the kids see in the morning.


I had been racking my brain for a while, trying to think of what words and decor to use before I started this project, and the inspiration struck during a midnight feeding with Lydia (the time when most inspiration strikes). What a happy way to start the day, referencing Isaiah 60:1--"Arise, shine; for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you!"

The kids love to see the sun they painted, greeting them every morning. And the encouraging words are pertinent to all of us when we start the day. Mornings can be cranky and let's face it, Mama isn't always shining, either! I'm totally happy with how it turned out. Love.

Have a lovely day.


  1. Love it! And what an awesome promise to remember every morning! Way to go Creative Katie ;)

  2. That is awesome. I love the craft idea and the general look of the room.. beautifully done.

  3. I love this! You are so creative.

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  5. This awesome!! Such a bright space now! Love it!!

    I have a very dark guest bathroom that's very small as well. I really need to get in there and change things up! :-)!!

  6. I love how you let the kids be part of the decorating process. SO cute. Rise and shine, indeed!!

  7. hey. so not sure what your plans are since you have 3 little ones now, but my friend is looking for someone do to low key wedding pictures in October. I sent her your way. Her name is Molly Bryant so if you contacts you, now you know where she came from :)

  8. Great idea, Katie!! Love how they got to decorate their bathroom!

  9. Very cute and I love that you let the kids do some painting!! Great idea!!

  10. Awww, how fun! I'm sure they are so proud of their masterpiece! :) What a precious piece of art - priceless!

  11. LOVE this bathroom and craft idea. I MAY steal this idea one day... Hope that is ok with you? lol :)