Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Backseat Driver.

Driving in the car. Pouring rain.

Cub: Mama, why are we going this way?

Me: Because it's faster.

Cub: Why is it faster?

Me: Because we don't have to stop as much.

Cub: Why don't we have to stop as much?

Me: Because there aren't as many stop signs.

Cub: But there's a stop sign.

Me: Yes, there are still stop signs, just not as many.

Cub: And there's another stop sign.

Me: Yes, two stop signs. Two. As opposed to, you know, eleventy billion.

Cub: Two stop signs?

Me: Yes.

Cub: So it's faster?

Me: Yes.

Cub: But why is it faster?

Me: Because there aren't as many (dang it, don't say stop signs!) ... cars.

Cub: Not as many cars?

Me: Not as many cars.

Cub: So there's just our car?

Me: Well, no, there are other--

Cub:--because I see another car!


Cub: Why are there other cars?

Me: Let's turn on the radio.


  1. That sounds EXACTLY like our car rides! The questions never stop.

  2. HAHA! Sounds like my little boy. Chatter box, chatter box! :) Sweet angels.

  3. So funny! I have it coming from two little ones now. My just-turned 2 year old always asks me to turn the sun off if it's in her eyes. When I tell her I can't, she asks 'why' to every single explanation. So funny.