Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Motherhood List of Trumps.

Big boy wants a snack, baby needs to eat.

(Baby meal trumps big boy snack.)

Baby is eating, big girl starts crying because her fingers are smashed in a drawer.

(Injury trumps baby meal.)

Cub yells from the bathroom that he needs help.

(Bowel movement trumps injury.)

Big boy then wants help drying his hands when baby girl begins to cry.

(Continuing baby meal trumps help with hand drying.)

Burping baby when big girl walks in with a screwdriver.

(Preventing injury trumps burping.)

Baby girl spits up while big boy again asks for a snack.

(Cleaning spit-up trumps snack.)

Big girl throws a fit while I reach for a snack for the big boy.

(Snack-age trumps fit throwing. She'll live.)

So baby is fed and big boy has a snack and big girl stops crying and everyone is playing or sleeping but we all know that at any moment, the peace could crumble.

(Mama snatching a piece of dark chocolate and hiding in a corner TRUMPS THEM ALL.)

And this, friends, is how we learn to take turns.

Have a lovely day.