Monday, February 20, 2012

Going Through The House: The Breakfast Nook.

Last week I started to feel a little nutty, with being cooped up thanks to cold weather, colds, and a newborn. As I glanced around my house one day, I decided it was time to give our breakfast nook some attention. I really like our breakfast nook. Its two walls encompass two large windows, which keep the room sunny and cheery. However. It is also completely void of any decor or personality, so I took it upon myself to remedy that. Of course, this meant a necessary trip to Hobby Lobby, which also meant I would need to take all three kids with me. I had yet to frequent a public place with all three ducklings in tow, and it was time.

(Three little blonde heads. Love.)

The trip was a quick one and once we were home and the kids were fed and entertained, I went to work. It was a little tricky, since my husband wasn't home and I'm not awesome with power tools (or ladders, eek), but, one thing to know about me is that I am not a patient person, and when I have a project on my mind, it has to be completed immediately. The nuttiness required a solution.


This is a picture of the breakfast nook the day we moved in last April (yeah, yeah, it takes me a long time to decorate my house, I know):

(After we moved our table in, I removed the grape-patterned scalloped valances, which came with the house.)

And, this is the breakfast nook "after":


The curtains are a brown and blue paisley on burlap--a very busy print to hide kid stains and a very durable fabric to survive sticky fingers. But, they're sheer enough to keep the room sunny. I heart them.

I thought about raising the curtain rods, but decided instead to do a collage above the window to accentuate the high ceiling, using a compilation of letters, wall decals, and framed scrapbook paper. And, of course, a sign explaining my approach to coffee: "I like my cream and sugar with a touch of coffee". Sad, but true. ;) I want this room to be casual and comfortable and so far, it fits the bill.

Every time I walk in the kitchen, I get giddy. The room we love now has some love.

Next project: The formal dining room. Stay tuned.

Have a lovely day!


  1. Turned out so good! The ampersand is my favorite. :)

  2. I love those curtains! Especially that they're burlap! It's like fancy casual...or something... Great job, especially with 3 kiddies around!

  3. Thanks, friends! We'll see how long it actually takes me to do my next project ... the end of summer seems like a reasonable time frame! :)

  4. LOVE! I have these curtains from Target and plan on repainting my walls the same color you have. My walls are currently close to this color, but they were painted by the previous owners. I have no clue what the color is and my attempts to match have been terrible. Could you tell me what paint color you used? Thanks so much :)