Saturday, November 5, 2011


Good Morning!

I am writing to you in my pajamas with really awful bedhead on this Saturday morning to bring you some breaking news. We had an earthquake here at 2:00 this morning. In OKLAHOMA. Some people (including our kids) totally slept through it, a trait of which I am jealous. I'm a light sleeper.


It registered as a 4.7, which, if you grew up with earthquakes, you know it isn't huge but it isn't insignificant, either.


OKLAHOMA. Where the tornadoes come sweeping down the plains. NOT earthquakes.

Anyway. After the shaking stopped, I sat in bed with flashbacks of my brother and I clamoring down the stairs during earthquakes as a kid in California, stumbling outside with our parents to stand under our front outside doorway and watch the driveway ripple and the trees shake. I'd be okay with it not ever happening again!

That is all.

Have a lovely weekend, friends.

(Oh, and I passed the glucose test. Yay! Bring on the sweet potato casserole!)

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  1. I absolutely cannot believe we all slept through it!! I am normally a light sleeper and woke up several times during the night (as usual) but not to any shaking! Crazy!!