Monday, November 7, 2011


When I was pregnant with Cub, I knew he was a boy. Instantly. I had no idea what his name would be (my husband named him later on in the pregnancy), but I sure knew there was a little guy in there. I don't know how or why, but my instinct? intuition? something? told me I had a son on the way. I was confidently confident and, well, I just knew.

With Mouse, I had no idea. None at all, but I hoped she was a girl. Yes, I hoped for a specific gender. Is that bad? I'm the little sister to a big brother, so I think I just naturally hoped my second would be a little lady, since I understand that kind of sibling dynamic. I think it goes without saying that if Baby Number Two had been a boy, we would have been madly in love with him the way we're madly in love with all of our kids, and the brother dynamic would be just as awesome. But, we were thrilled when we found out that there was a little sister in there.

With this pregnancy, as soon as I took the test, I patted my stomach and said, "It's Lydia." The next few days were spent in a bit of a blur, with some crying and almost-passing-out-from-pregnancy-shock and such, but amidst it all my gut just told me that this baby was a girl and that girl was Lydia. We had an early ultrasound and the doctor thought it could be a boy, but I was doubtful, even though, truthfully, the thought of two boys was easier for me to handle than the thought of two girls (crazy, I know!). I wanted a later ultrasound to know for sure (which ended up being quite a feat--Lydia is quite a bashful little pea!) and sure enough, the doctor gave us 90% certainty that our baby was a little lady. And, of course, we're thrilled. I realize that the ultrasound could be wrong and my gut could be wrong, too, but I'll be surprised if it is!

What about you? Did you have a gender inkling during your pregnancy?

Have a lovely day, friends!


  1. I thought Sophia was a boy, KNEW E was a girl and SWORE this baby was another girl too. I really had no clue about this one, just had a feeling it was a girl because of similarities.

  2. I really had no idea with Robby (and felt like a horrible mom-to-be for not having a hunch!) but this time around I knew from the beginning that it was a boy. I told Tim and a few friends about my hunch but didn't want to tell too many others just in case I was wrong! The fact that we had such a hard time coming up with a possible boy name but were totally set on a girl name, confirmed to me that it had to be a boy! Haha!

  3. I had zero intuition whatsoever! Everyone, and their dog, told me it was a girl but I wasn't committed to that idea. It was so fun hearing the announcement from our doctor! I wonder if I will have an inkling next time.