Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thursday Randomness.

* I am now obsessed with making s'mores in the microwave. I stack a little chocolate on top of a graham cracker and top it off with marshmallow. Then I start the microwave and wait until the marshmallow begins to balloon up ... then I snatch it out and place another graham cracker on top. It all melts together. Amazing.

* I have recently discovered the joy that is makeup remover wipes. Confession: I do not wash my face before bed. Thusly, these wipes are what I believe to be the next best thing.

* I am eleven weeks today. I can't believe next week I'll be out of my first trimester. Crazy.

* At one point today I was cleaning coffee out of the carpet, opening a can of corn, and texting. I'm not sure how all three were accomplished at the same time, but they were, and I am proud.

* I made manicotti for the first time last night. Huge hit.

* The nurse checked my chart today and confirmed that this was my fourth pregnancy, correct? I told her yes, that the first pregnancy ended in miscarriage. She then raised an eyebrow and proceeded to tell me I have been pregnant every year since 2007. I think my head exploded.

* Naomi just crawled in with a graham cracker in her hand. She found my stash.

* Speaking of my daughter who inhales everything, she is still in the 28th percentile for her weight. I'm fairly certain she will be her father, who had knobby knees until after college.

* Caleb just crawled in my lap and we took this picture. I love him so.

* Now this same Cub wants to sing a song. So, see you later!

Have a lovely day.


  1. Doesn't #3 just fly by? I thought that about #2 as well, but this

    I NEED to try this microwave smore. I must.

    I got pregnant with S in 2007 and have been pregnant every year since too. Fun, fun. ;)

  2. Where does Naomi's food go!?! I need to get that gene. Dang it. ;)

    And, strangely, I am now craving manicotti followed by s'mores... Hmm.

    Yay for a healthy Bean #3!!!