Thursday, April 14, 2011


After rushing to the park after Zumba to pick up the kids from Dadda (who had to rush to church), and then after rushing home, then rushing through bath time, then rushing through brushing of teeth and combing of hair, I settle into the glider with Naomi to rock her before bed. Cub peeks his sweet head in and climbs up, asking if he can sit in my lap.

And we rock, quietly and slowly; us three, while I sing, my two clean ducklings perched atop each knee, smelling and smiling sweetly.

Me, sweaty from my workout and from the Great Bedtime Rush, experiencing motherhood at its finest.

To have the honor to end the day in such a way bans me from the right to complain about anything. Ever.


Have a lovely day.


  1. Perfect - I know you know this but ... my cub is almost 7 and that made me cry. Squeeze him for me!

  2. A lovely way to end the day. :)

  3. Oh, those are just the best moments on earth, aren't they?