Friday, April 15, 2011

Love {The Week}.

For some reason, Blogger was not allowing me to log in last night to add my last day. So, I just added Thursday's pic this morning. Crazy Blogger! Have a lovely weekend, friends!


Fun with phonics before bedtime. "W" says "Wuh!"
(We're wuh-wuh-wild on Saturday nights!)


Naomi in the church nursery. I went to drop her off and ended up staying in there during the whole service with friends from my Sunday School class who were working in there. I've been a little stressed lately and that time with friends was good for my soul!


Grocery Day! Woot Woot! Pushing that cart is like pushing a Cadillac.


Yay for warm weather, which means sundresses! I have two maxi dresses from last summer that are styled the same way (but are long, obviously) and I love them. I like this because it is versatile: Plain for a hot summer day, with leggings for a windy day, or a cardi and a chunky necklace dress it up a bit!


Erin and Miss E came over for a little lunch, play time, chatting and rosette-making. The perfect way to spend the afternoon. Also, rosette-making is nothing short of addicting.


A practice run for Naomi's birthday decorations (again, more rosettes ...)! My original plan was to make giant lollipops, but I liked the way the extra felt made this look like a whimsical flower. So, we'll go with that!


  1. Sometimes it's just nice to sit and decompress in the church nursery. :)

  2. I love sundresses as well! Great for SAHMs....comfy and fashionable!

  3. Getting excited about N's party...! Thanks for letting us be a part of your week! :)

  4. Love the dress!

    Have you tried Leapfrog's Letter Factory DVD's for Cub? They are wonderful at teaching phonics in a fun way.