Thursday, April 28, 2011

Saying Goodbye.

Walking through the rooms of our house, I find myself overwhelmed with bittersweetness at the reality of our near departure. We're so excited to start anew at our new house, but so much has happened under this roof.

The front door where Josh walked in from his first day back to work after our honeymoon, declaring with wonderful cheesiness, "Honey, I'm home!" We had talked about how we couldn't wait to be married and finally get to come home to each other.

The kitchen that housed so many of my crazy parties from Christmases to Mardi Gras, fiestas to birthdays. The laughter of my friends still echoes on the walls and across the tile floor.

The poor oven that found itself ablaze after many failed cooking attempts.

The nursery that both of our babies called home. Endless nights of rocking. Lots of tears, lots of snuggles. Little hands, little feet. So many tender moments. The room where I truly became a Mom.

The kids' bathroom sink where both of babies had their first baths. The tub where they still have baths, splashing and laughing together.

The garage where I first impressed my husband with my knowledge of ground breakers when our garage door failed to work after a thunderstorm. And the poor side of the garage that met my side-view mirror when I backed out a bit too ambitiously one morning.

Cub's big boy room, the assembly of which included a trip to IKEA with my hubby (and Naomi in utero!). We had so much fun planning his room and seeing it come to life with him was a wonderful thing. It's hard to shut the door for the last time.

The living room with its wide wood floors that felt the pitter-patter of little feet. The room that housed everything from holidays to movie nights, that saw arguments and slow dancing and pillow fights and forts built from couches.

The master bathroom that saw us through many a crazy Sunday morning, when we'd plunk Cub in the tub while my husband and I rushed around to get ready. Such sweetness amidst the craziness.

The master bedroom where I told my husband I was pregnant all three times. The room where he held me when we lost the first.

This is the only house my husband and I have called home together. The only home our kids have known. The driveway we pull into after a long trip or a long day. These walls have seen me grow from a newlywed, fresh out of college, to a learning and growing wife and Mom, and all of the life moments that have spanned these six years in between.

This is truly the house that built me.

The house that built us.

And it's kind of hard to say goodbye, you know?

I'm excited to see us keep building. I'm excited for the next step.

But I know I'll cry when I look in the rear view mirror and see the house we will no longer call home. My heart is full with the changes to come, but bittersweet with the saying goodbye.

Have a lovely day.


  1. Thanks for making me cry! :)
    So sweet that you have all of those memories...and awesome to get to take those people with you to a new place to make some more. Good luck!

  2. Oh, Katie, that made me cry!! Beautifully written. Goodbyes are always hard. Take a deep breath, savor each crazy moment, and get ready to make many more memories in your new home! :)

  3. I completely understand. I think it would be hardest for me to leave the home we brought our a baby home too. The one that saw the first crawls, first steps, etc. Yet I know that one day it will also be time for us to move on. The house may be gone, but the memories will live on.

  4. Huh...ahuh..ahuhhuhhuh...sniff, tear...I cry with you my dear. Beautifully wrote.
    When I had to say goodbye to my first truck, I kissed it and hugged it. Very sentimental I guess.
    Cub's room - "shut the door for the last time." that's what broke me. Nose burns just typing it.

  5. Another crier here too! Such beautiful memories, and definitely worth some tears!

  6. Same here. Cried.
    Loved the first house.
    Already in love with the second house.
    Can't wait to make more memories with you guys there, too! :)

  7. I've never been to your house, but reading this brought tears to my eyes!!! Just think of all the wonderful memories you'll make in this next house, and how you'll love driving back by this first house and telling your kids all of these stories!!!

  8. oh my! This is a fantastic post! So happy for your new home. I can't wait to see and hear all the memories you will make in it as well:)

  9. Tears here too, Katie! Beautifully written post. Can't wait to read about all the new memories you'll make in the new place. Love you, girl!