Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Boys and Girls.

Cub, ten months:

Cub grabs some food on his tray and throws it. I sternly tell him No. He blinks and continues eating.

Naomi, ten months:

Naomi grabs some food on her tray and throws it. I sternly tell her No. She looks at me and as our eyes lock, her little face grows red. And redder. Her mouth pinches into a pout and her eyes squint until she absolutely erupts with a screaming cry. She sobs for a good ten minutes, inconsolable and distraught. When she finally calms down, she gives me the most pitiful look as if to say How could you? How could you tell me NO? She continues to act wounded for another ten minutes, until Dadda comes in and saves the day.

One piece of food. One stern rebuke.

One dramatic little Mouse.

I've got my work cut out for me!

Have a lovely day.


  1. This must be a birth order thing too. My girls are the same way...first born = tell no, shrug it off and go on eating. Second born = tell no, total meltdown, offended, doesn't get over it for some time.


  2. Girls. Gotta love their drama. :)

  3. My son has a horrible temper and often does things anyway. Believe we discipline him. I've never seen a child like him. My grandmother informed me he is just like my dad at this age. I'm going to need lots of prayer. On the other hand he can be so sweet.

  4. I never thought about birth order, or the fact that Cub is basically a carbon copy of his Dad and Naomi is a carbon copy of myself. Boy howdy, I'm in for a rough ride then!!

  5. Oh, girls. We start the drama early, don't we?! ;) At least her little pout is cute and adorable and precious. :)