Monday, January 3, 2011


: take the kids, with my husband, to New England in August for my Memere's 90th birthday

: lose whatever weight it takes to feel confident in a bridesmaid's dress in March, by going back to my "Naomi Diet" (my regiment when I was nursing her) and moving away from my "Thanksgiving and Christmas Gluttonous Gain Extravaganza"

: continue writing what I'm thankful for every morning on Facebook (even if it is only for coffee and the promise of nap time)

: trust God's hand as He leads us through changes this year

: show love more tangibly

: finally stand up on a wakeboard

(I finished my Mighty Autumn List, but did a terrible job blogging about it. My apologies.)

(So, perhaps I should add "document life more efficiently" to the list.)

Have a lovely day.


  1. I need to work on showing love better too. Best of luck on your list...

  2. Yay for trips to New England! (Aren't you glad that trip comes after the March wedding? Dunkin Donuts!!!)

  3. Good goals. Reminds me that I have a Mighty List to cross things off of...! ;)